The Best Ingredient In These Spicy Chicken Tostadas? Tequila!

So, did you wake up this morning with icicles on your face? Barely made it out of bed? Cried on your way to work and watched your tears freeze? Yeah, I feel you. Today is rough. It’s flippin’ freezing out, it’s only Wednesday, and I’ve already broken all of my new years resolutions. I’m pretty much losing at life right now, except for one little stroke of genius that’s saving me from being a total, frigid, complaining mess.
I put tequila in tostadas!! And, holy hell was it awesome.
Christine Fischer of Cooking with Cakes may not be a pro chef, but that doesn't mean she's a mere novice in the kitchen. The self-taught culinarian — who's all for healthy, accessible recipes — knows that succumbing to your five-day bacon craving does not make you weak. It just makes you human.