Here's Why We'd Die To Be Carolina Herrera's Daughter

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Clos-ette’s Melanie Charlton practically invented the idea of a custom closet, so it’s only natural that she’s always peeking in everyone else’s. Follow along every week as Clos-ette taps some of our favorite ladies (and gents!) to find out their favorite boutiques to cull, what’s at the top of their wish lists, and, of course, how they keep their own wardrobes in tact.
As a daughter of Carolina Herrera, it’s no surprise that Patricia Herrera Lansing would have her share of drop-dead ball gowns. But, what we love about her style is its seamless blend of old-world elegance and modern chic. Inside the creative consultant's New York closet, favorite dresses from her mother’s line mingle with cozy rag & bone sweaters, children’s artwork, and a burgeoning shoe collection. Here, Herrera Lansing gives us a peek inside.
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Clos-ette: How would you describe your personal style?
"I’m pretty classic, but I like a little bit of an edge. I like to mix old and new pieces. If I really like something I’ve had in my closet for a long time, I’ll keep wearing it. I’m not someone who just follows a trend and gets rid of [my] whole wardrobe. I’m definitely not trendy."
What are your most cherished pieces?
"I have some great vintage pieces that were my mom’s from the 60's and 70's that I have worn over and over again, will never get rid of, and will pass along to my children."
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Of all the gorgeous gowns you’ve worn, do you have a favorite?
"I wore this dress to the Met Ball a few years ago — black short dress with a long-sleeve beaded top — and that’s one of my favorite dresses that I’ve ever worn. There’s a radish-print evening dress from my mother that I’ve worn so much that she asked me to retire. I think I wore it to every single wedding!"
What do you tend to collect?
"Shoes. I have a very big shoe collection. And I love sunglasses, [even though] they all kind of look the same. And I just love bathing suits — from bathing suits from Zara that are super-cheap, to great one-offs from Chloe or Prada."
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What’s on your shopping wish-list?
"I always want any Tabitha Simmons shoes. And there’s a pair of blue and black suede pants from Isabel Marant that I would love — but might have to donate a kidney for!"
What's the coziest, most comfortable thing in your closet?
"Any rag & bone sweater and jeans are super cozy. I’ve got a great pair of Isabel Marant sweatpant-like pants that I love, and drawstring pants from J.Crew I adore."
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What’s your favorite fashion advice?
"I have a few: to always have a full-length mirror, and always look in it before you go out; to never let the clothes wear you; to take off one accessory before you go out; and to dress your age — that’s very important."
What would you raid your mother’s closet for?
"I would love to steal her shoe collection and all her jewelry. She’s amazing about letting us borrow stuff. Whether it makes it back in her closet or not, that’s another issue."

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