The BEST Beauty Products Under $25

If it seems like we just hit you guys with our robust under-$25 guide to spring beauty, it's because, well, we did. But, with summer right around the corner, it's time to bring it back one more time with feeling, warmer-weather style. Who doesn't like saving a couple dollars all year 'round, after all?

So, with a new season almost upon us, it's time to update our beauty stashes again — we're talking razors, sunscreen, exfoliating products, the works. We had industry experts weigh in — and polled our own in-the-know beauty team — to get the scoop on their favorite affordable beauty buys. Click ahead to check out our favorite under-$25 products that won't break the bank. Bring on the summer fun!
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Shampoo & Conditioner, Fine Hair
"Listen up, fine-haired ladies: This duo is the word for limp, lifeless strands. A quick cold-water suds up in the a.m., and your locks will be lively, shiny, and healthy. Follow that up with a little prep spray and some styling cream, and then pull your hair up into a ponytail. Because, let's be honest — it's too damn hot to have your hair touching any part of your neck or back." — Megan McIntyre, beauty director
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Shampoo, Thick Hair
"For the lucky ones, dry scalp issues mostly happen in the winter. Then, there are people like me who have to deal with it all year 'round. So, I always have a bottle of this in my shower to keep unwanted flakiness at bay and thankfully, it leaves my strands super-soft and moisturized." — Megan Cahn, senior beauty editor
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Conditioner, Thick Hair
"And, did you know, the key to healthy hair can start with a healthy scalp? Just another reason this conditioner is the bomb." — Megan Cahn
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Shampoo & Conditioner, Curly Hair
"There's nothing I love more than a two-in-one beauty product — especially when it comes to hair care. Head & Shoulders' new moisture care line is formulated specifically for textured hair and provides the needed hydration that those with oily and curly strands desperately need. Its combo shampoo-and-conditioner is infused with vitamin E-rich almond oil, coconut essence, and, of course, helps to reduce flakes and dandruff." — Taylor Bryant, beauty production assistant
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Leave-In Conditioner, Curly Hair
"As far as double-duty conditioners go, for those with curly hair, this combo leave-in and detangling product from Kinky-Curly is going to quickly become your best friend. It provides you with all the slip, while moisturizing your locks. It's highly praised among those in the natural hair community for a reason." — Taylor Bryant
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Masque, Curly Hair
"Your thirsty locks will love this product, even in the summertime. Leave it on under a shower cap for 30 minutes, and after you wash it out you'll be presented with soft and manageable curls." — Taylor Bryant
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Hair Masque
"Summer’s here, which means a hydration masque is absolutely clutch. But, if you don't have the time to sit with wet, goopy hair for half an hour, Aussie’s masque will get the job done in three minutes, flat — so you can even do it in the morning before work." — Maria Del Russo, beauty writer
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Salt Spray
"Unlike a lot of salt sprays out there, Tigi’s gives you texture and hold. Because, let’s be honest — beach texture ain’t nothing if it falls flat minutes after you apply your spritz." — Maria Del Russo
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Dry Shampoo
"Quite possibly the best-smelling dry shampoo, ever. And, I’ve smelled a bunch." — Maria Del Russo
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"This product is amazing — it's a three-in-one! It adds volume, and works as a dry shampoo and a finishing spray." — Mia Santiago, hairstylist
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Dry-Oil Spray
"This might be my favorite of all products under $25. This light oil spray moisturizes and adds shine to your hair without weighing it down. Plus, the smell is incredible!" — Mia Santiago
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Curl Cream
"Because my hair texture is curly but on the finer side, I steer clear of anything that might weigh down my waves. This cream is light, light, light, but still manages to help curls hold their shape. But, what I find it excels at is curl-refreshing: On second- (or third-) day hair, you just smooth a little on frizzy sections or limp ringlets, and bam! Bounce is restored with zero crunch." — Anne-Marie Guarnieri, fashion and beauty deputy editor
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Texture Spray
"These days, there are tons of salt sprays on the market that will get you those beachy waves, sans the beach. But, what's extra-special about this one is that it will give you perfectly tousled beach-bum hair without using any salt, which can often be very drying." — Megan Cahn
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Hair Brush
"Nothing cuts through ocean salt-snarled strands quite like this genius little brush. If only I'd had one of these when I was a kid, I could have avoided many a tear-stained detangling session. Thanks, mom." — Megan McIntyre
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"I love this primer because it's really smooth and doesn't feel heavy. Its hypoallergenic formula delicately glides on the skin and dries down to a perfect, powdery finish, leaving your skin ready for foundation." — Jessi Butterfield, makeup artist
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BB Cream
"Finding a decent BB under $25 is HARD. This little beauty remains the only one I've ever found that I love the finish, color, and texture of, and don't feel like I am compromising on quality for the price." — Megan McIntyre
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"There are very few foundations on the market that rival Maybelline Fit Me’s color range. There’s something there for everyone — and, since they’re so inexpensive, you can buy multiples to match your seasonally changing shade." — Maria Del Russo
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Foundation, Deep Skin Tones
"Black Opal products are made specifically for women of color, so you know you'll get a hefty range of foundation shades, rather than one or two to choose from. Its cream-to-powder foundation is lightweight and provides a good amount of coverage — with the added benefit of sun protection!" — Taylor Bryant
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BB Cream, Deep Skin Tones
"With its barely-there coverage, this BB helps to even out skin while giving it a healthy glow. And, the SPF 30 protection makes it perfect for summer." — Taylor Bryant
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"First of all, who doesn't love putting on makeup with the help of a trusty pen? It's fast, fun, and perfect for the girl on the go. Easy application makes this great concealer even better. It is full-coverage, buildable, and moisturizing — the best possible combination." — Jessi Butterfield
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"Perfect for every skin tone and super-portable. I practically cover my skin in it, especially as the weather gets warmer. I'd recommend pressing it onto the high points of the face, as well as down the nose, along the Cupid's bow, and onto the collarbone — it's glorious." — Jessi Butterfield
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Finishing Powder
"Sick of cakey finishing powder? This one pats on to a matte finish that won't clump and make you look like a zombie." — Maria Del Russo
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"This bronzer is perfectly matte with serious color payoff, which can be hard to find. It's a great terra-cotta shade that blends seamlessly. Additionally, it comes in super-cute packaging that looks great on any vanity." — Jessi Butterfield
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"There's just something so science-fair cool about watching this powder blush transform to a cream. Cream is the end-all, be-all of textures in the summer, btw. Don't fight the humidity dew — embrace it with cream textures. It's a whole lot easier than trying to powder yourself into submission." — Megan McIntyre
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"This mascara comes highly recommended from a wide range of beauty bloggers and YouTubers. This is my all-time favorite mascara for its volumizing, lengthening, and curl-holding abilities. Plus, the curved wand makes it great for getting those pesky outer-corner lashes. I always wear waterproof mascara (which is great for the summer), so I can't speak to the efficacy of the normal version, but if you're on the hunt for great, budget-friendly mascara, this one is definitely the way to go." — Mi-Anne Chan, beauty intern
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Liquid Eyeliner
"Because even the klutziest of liner appliers (hi there) can get a perfect cat-eye with this ergonomically shaped liner." — Megan McIntyre
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Eye Pencil
"This is the only kohl liner from the drugstore I've used that doesn't smudge all over my excessively oily eyelids. It goes on super-smooth (read: no tugging) and stays soft enough to blend for a few seconds before it sets. I still like to wear a primer with this when I can (because again, my eyelids are excessively oily), but it definitely measures up to some of the more expensive waterproof liners out there, and the shade range is incredible. This nude one works great along the waterline to help brighten things up." — Mi-Anne Chan
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Brow Pencil
"Everything you need for perfectly arched brows. Each little kit has two pencils in two colors (one lighter and one darker) that can be used together to ensure the most natural application. Brush up penciled-in brows with a makeup-free mascara wand like the Antonym Mascara Brow Brush to finish up." — Jessi Butterfield
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Eyeshadow, Single
"This crease-free cream eyeshadow comes in every color imaginable and has four available textures. Additionally, the price is crazy amazing. Do yourself a favor and buy five for $25. You won't regret it." — Jessi Butterfield
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The practicality of a palette comes down to whether you'll actually use the entire range of shadows. Maybelline’s 12-shade collection passes with flying (summery!) colors, thanks to its neutral base tones, shimmery highlighters, and go-to nude hues you'll wear every day.
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Lip Balm
"One of the best beauty-editor gifts I've received was a rather large box of these bad boys. Now, I stash one next to my bed, in my purse, at my desk — pretty much everywhere. It goes on so smooth, makes my lips feel super-supple and hydrated, and it has the most subtly delightful citrus scent." — Megan Cahn
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"This lipstick feels amazing on, and comes in so many colors it is impossible to become bored. To make it even harder to choose your new favorite, Maybelline has added another 20 shades with a new creamy-matte texture to its arsenal." — Jessi Butterfield
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"Sure, I love a good bright lip in the summer, but there's something so unexpected about rocking a gothy, dark lip with a tan and beach waves. This pencil is my holy-grail dark hue — I like to line and fill in my lips with it, and then dab on some Boots Botanics Organic Super Balm over top for a glossy finish." — Megan McIntyre
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Brush, Single
"I love the Antonym brushes. I have and use all of them. They are very well-developed shapes and are pretty with elegant, sustainable bamboo handles and soft, black-tipped synthetic bristles. Let's face it, pretty matters. Additionally, with the exception of one, all are under $25 each." — Jessi Butterfield
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Brush Set
"When I was first getting into makeup at the ripe age of 18, my wonderful friend gifted this set to me for my birthday and I have been in love ever since. It's a great starter kit for anybody looking to up their eyeshadow game. The brushes are made of super-soft synthetic hairs that grab and blend product seamlessly. The only thing it lacks is a proper blending brush, but you can make do with using the base-shadow and deluxe-crease brushes for that purpose!" — Mi-Anne Chan
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Sunscreen, Body
"Last summer, I stopped using traditional lotions altogether and opted for sprays, because I found that when used correctly (i.e., sprayed onto your skin and rubbed evenly all over), they provided much better coverage. I could finally get SPF on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY PARTS, no help needed. And, Sun Bum's non-greasy, non-filmy formula (those are downsides to many spray formulas) is my favorite of the bunch." — Anne-Marie Guarnieri
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Sunscreen, Face
"Like Anne-Marie, I now too use exclusively spray sunscreens (it's a much less scary experience than lathering heavy cream all over my bod), but when it comes to my face I still opt for a liquid lotion. I have been using Neutrogena since way before my beauty days, and it is still my drugstore go-to. This one has the high SPF I need for my face and doesn't feel greasy (my biggest pet peeve) at all." — Megan Cahn
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"I have a soft spot for Aveeno products because they're so great for sensitive skin. This product in particular is great for acne-prone skin that tends to veer on the dry side. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean, but because of its awesome cream formula, your skin won't feel the slightest bit dry." — Mi-Anne Chan
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Cleanser, Acne-Prone
"This is great for acne-prone skin. I like it because it has an ingredient that helps to regulate sebum and oil production without irritation." — Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery
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Face Scrub
"The Avalon Organics Lavender Scrub is gentle yet effective, even with somewhat sensitive skin." — Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi
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Eye-Makeup Remover
"This makeup remover wunderkind will take off all your eye gunk in just a few swipes. I swear: no leftover liner at all." — Megan Cahn
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"I love a healthy layer of rosewater when I’m done washing my face. But, so many [toners] are ridiculously expensive, and you feel guilty giving yourself a good douse. Luckily, Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner works just as well as the high-end dudes, but at a more palatable price." — Maria Del Russo
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"The lightest, most soothing moisturizer that ever did come from the drugstore. The cooling sensation is pure salvation on sweating, overheated skin." — Megan McIntyre
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"This product is a great bargain for the price and has powerful peptides." — Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi
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Face Mist
"A little midday spritz never hurt nobody — especially in the summertime. This one from Pixi is enriched with 13 natural oils, which include propolis and argan, so you're actually doing your face a favor in the long run." — Taylor Bryant
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Mask, Oily Skin
"When it comes to masks, I'm a girl obsessed. I try almost every single one that's thrown at me, and my latest go-to is this pore pack from Korean brand Caolion. It's a deep-cleansing mask that helps to keep my oiliness at bay, and has this weirdly satisfying and fascinating cooling effect that I can't get enough of — and that will be so clutch during those humid summer nights." — Taylor Bryant
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Mask, Sensitive Skin
"This budget-friendly sheet mask (two for $7.50!) is both soothing (aloe!) and hydrating (one of its main ingredients is glycerin), making it especially pleasant to slap on a hot face after spending a full day kicking it outside. Note: This mask is very...wet. Just something to know, so you aren't caught off-guard by the sensation." — Anne-Marie Guarnieri
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Oil-Absorbing Sheets
"As someone who has combination-oily skin and spent most of her childhood summers in hot and humid Singapore, I've tried my fair share of blotting papers. No matter how fancy and expensive the new ones are, I always find myself going back to my trusty Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. These little blue papers absorb so much oil. It's crazy (and also sort of satisfying) how much grease these things can hold." — Mi-Anne Chan
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Shower Gel
"While I'd heard the name Korres floating around in the beauty world before, it wasn't until after my recent trip to Greece (humblebrag) that I became full-fledged obsessed. It probably didn't help that the brand could be found in almost every store I entered and was exponentially cheaper than in the U.S. Safe to say, I went hard. One of my favorite products I brought back was the shower gel. The scent isn't overwhelming like other shower products, and the formula keeps my skin soft and supple without drying it out." — Taylor Bryant
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"I wasn’t sold on the black-soap phenomenon until this bar fell into my lap. It’s helped to clear the zits on my back and shoulders, and it has a refreshing vanilla scent." — Maria Del Russo
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Body Scrub
"Because, when you are known to reapply a quart of SPF on the hour, every hour, you find your skin feeling real gross by the end of the day. This helps remove all that sunscreen residue, and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated, not scratchy and parched." — Megan McIntyre
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"Sonia Kashuk's Body Butter in Yellow Alluriana is formulated with shea butter, hydrates all day, and smells fresh and light." — Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi
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"While I like to pride myself on my work ethic (I'm a Capricorn, I can't help it), I'm 100% a lazy girl at heart — especially when it comes to shaving (cue the ewwws). And, since the days of being able to hide my hairy legs have come and gone, I'm starting to dread the idea of having to extend my shower time just to shave. Which is where Schick's moisturizing razor comes into the picture. It plays the part of shaving gel, razor, and soap, all at once, and it helps to get even the most hard-to-reach areas." — Taylor Bryant
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"I know this may sound a little ridiculous seeing as this is deodorant, but I'm convinced this is the stuff of dreams. True to name, this product has a seriously relentless formulation of baking soda, virgin coconut oil, and essential oils that magically eliminates all odor for hours. Like, seriously, you can sweat up a storm with this on and your confidence will still be intact. The packaging can be a little confusing at first (you have to press down on the tube to push out the product, not unlike a push-pop), but after using it up, you can rest easy knowing that the packaging is completely recyclable." — Mi-Anne Chan
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"If you're not down with patchouli scents, you may want to skip ahead to the next slide. If you are, you need to add this classic to your rotation. It's earthy, but not dirty. A little herbal, a little citrusy; long-lasting, but very mellow. It's 100% summer. Smells great on dudes, too." — Anne-Marie Guarnieri
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Foot Cream
"You don’t have to have diabetes to use this product. It’s great because it’s got a glycolic formulation to help dissolve dead skin, and urea to hydrate." — Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi
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Hand Cream
"If you're prone to chapped hands (or knees or elbows, etc.), and are used to keeping a hardy lotion on hand, swap it out for this lighter one in the summer months. Its texture is sheer and it's fast-absorbing, but a mega amount of glycerine means it keeps moisture locked in your skin — and never feels goopy, which is key when you're in sticky, humid temps." — Anne-Marie Guarnieri
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Nail Polish
"This nail polish is a nod to all the ravers (or just late-night partiers) out there. The vibrant shade shines bright during the day, and glows by UV light at night. Think of it as glowsticks, but for your fingers. The name — DJ Blue My Mind — is pretty on-point, too." — Taylor Bryant
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