The Celebrities Who Married Real People Like Us (Ahem, Gosling, You Interested??)

Not every Hollywood romance is sparked on set. As a matter of fact, a few big-name stars actually date and, yes, marry everyday folks who aren't card-carrying members of SAG or AFTRA. You may see these bigwigs walking the red carpet with someone whose name/bio you probably don't know as well as, say, any character on Mad Men, but we're truly fascinated by these pairs. While any relationship can have its ups and downs, your partner's high-profile life is definitely a unique challenge. For example, just yesterday we sympathized with Alec Baldwin who freaked out (and rightly so) via Twitter when the paps tried to snap pics of his fiancée Hilaria Thomas' new engagement ring while she instructed a yoga class.
While we've observed that celebrity marriage longevity is iffy (to say the least), maybe these high/low-profile power couples have got a secret to their success. Opposites attract? Balance is key? Whatever it is, it's working for celebs like Jay Leno, who's been married for 32 years (do you know his wife's name?), and Chris O’Donnell, who is still with his high school sweetheart. It also makes us think that if these pairs can make it, there is hope for one of us to marry our own white knight, Ryan Gosling. Right?
Call us suckers for a good, old-fashioned, unexpected romance, but we encourage you to take a jump over to The Daily Beast where they have rounded up a few of the in-the-spotlight twosomes whose names you definitely already know — well, you definitely know at least one of the two. (The Daily Beast)
Photo: Via The Daily Beast

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