7 Moments Every Cat Lover Totally Understands

Photographed by Mark Iantosca.
June 4 marked National Hug Your Cat Day but, as any true cat fan knows, every day is a cat holiday. While dogs get all the attention when their owners walk them in the streets, cats don't need to be walked — and, hence, lose out on a lot of public attention. All the more reason to celebrate them on a daily basis.

But, cats can be fickle. Sometimes they want all your attention; sometimes they just want to feel wanted and ignore your attempts to cuddle. Sometimes, they walk on top of your head as you sleep just to get you to feed them. Either way, the world's most adorable creatures can sometimes be a major pain.

Here, some major moments in every cat-lover's life, explained in GIFs. And, that cat on the right? It knows everything.

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