7 Ways To Wear Cargo Pants (Yes, Cargo Pants)

Originally worn by the military (first by the British Armed Forces in 1938 and later by the United States Army during World War II), the cargo pant evolved from its utilitarian, outdoor roots and became a style sensation of the '90s. Suddenly, some of the eras biggest names (think: Aaliyah and Gwen Stefani) revolutionized their reputation, wearing them in music videos and on the red carpet (preferably with a crop top), putting them on the wish lists of countless young women.
Long buried, cargo pants have started popping up once again. And before you stop and say no way, allow the outfits ahead to show you how to wear them in 2017. Yes, there may still be some crop tops involved, but when paired with sneakers and a logo tee or a silky camisole and furry bomber, you'll forget you ever said you weren't into this style of pants. And don't worry, we won't tell anyone either.
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Balance the toughness of the pants out with some more delicate pieces.
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Ditch the jacket and you've got an evening-out outfit, too.
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No blending in here.
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Top the look off with a crop top.
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Tired of your same old jeans? Go for the cargo silhouette in your go-to denim wash.
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Keep the hemline long and let it drag across the floor.
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Cinched at the waist and ankles, but baggy in-between.

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