The Star Wars Wedding That Took The Internet By Storm

By Kristen Klein

Carrie and Cory Shields tied the knot two years ago, but their wedding pictures just took the Internet by storm last week, thanks to a photo shared on Reddit that quickly went viral.

"There we were, sitting in our apartment in Sydney, and Cory was hunched over his computer just in awe of how quickly the viewings went up," Carrie told ABC News. "I think when I went to bed there were 125,000 views and when I woke up, there were almost a million." Redditors soon got in on the fun with a "Photoshop Battle."

The couple's photographer, Mark Hillis of Unveiled Wedding Photography, shared with us that this Star Wars image wasn't the only themed part of the couple's big day, which took place in San Diego, California. (One has to wonder if they have big anniversary plans for this fall's impending Star Wars feature!) The groom also commissioned an R2-D2 droid to carry the rings down the aisle, and they even attached a GoPro video camera to the robot to capture the ceremony from its perspective.

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The couple, who met while interning with Disney's college program, also included music from the series — they entered their reception to "Throne Room/End Title" while their wedding party held up light sabers for them to walk under. 

While dating, the couple bonded over their shared love of Star Wars. "He told me that in the extended universe, Boba Fett was actually able to escape the Sarlacc pit and continue to be the best anti-hero in Star Wars," Carrie told ABC News. "It was at that moment that I looked at him and just said 'I love you,' to which he responded 'I know' in homage to Leia and Han Solo."

"Those small moments made us realize that we were pretty perfect for each other. When we got engaged and started planning, we knew we had to pay respect to one of the major things that brought us together."

Check out more photos from the couple's fun wedding day ahead.

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