Miley Cyrus' Sister Is In A Hipster Band... And It's Surprisingly Amazing

Not that we don't love "Party In The USA" (we do, we really do), but it's not exactly fodder for the music critics. Miley Cyrus is, above all things, a crowd-pleaser: Her music is easy listening for the tween (and guilty pleasure) set.
But Miley's older sister Brandi is part of a pop duo that's making a decidedly more serious attempt at music-making. If you can't tell by the plus sign, Frank + Derol is a surprisingly indie team composed of Brandi and Codi Caraco, who met when their respective musical families were on tour.
Check out "Barely Love You Too" below and tell us what you think. They might not be the next Dirty Projectors, but this track ain't Hannah Montana, either. Regardless of what you think of the results, you gotta give them an A for effort. Their own web site describes their latest release as possessing "irresistible hooks that will win over even the most intractable hipsters: FRANK + DEROL, coming soon to a rooftop near you." We'll keep our ears open. (Spin)
Photo courtesy of Frank + Darrol.

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