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As New Yorkers, we take our pizza seriously. Whether you prefer thin-crust or deep-dish, extra sauce or more cheese, simple-and-plain or loaded with toppings, you'll find it here. But, while there's no question that New York serves the most delicious pizza of any American city, identifying the very best joints can be difficult when there's a pizzeria on practically every corner.
Luckily, we just so happen to be self-taught pizza connoisseurs, and we've done the not-so-painstaking work of narrowing it down for you. Click through to see our picks for the most exceptional pies in town — just don't forget to save us a slice.
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Garlic New York Pizza Bar
Looking for a solid slice joint in Manhattan's Murray Hill? Stop by Garlic for the Buffalo Chicken Grandma Pizza (pictured right) — it is bomb. Another bonus? Once the weather warms up you can enjoy your za with a cold glass of rosé in the back garden.

Garlic, 629 2nd Avenue (at E. 34th Street); 646-559-9500.
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Pizza Beach
This isn't your traditional NYC slice spot — Pizza Beach brings cool, costal California vibes cross country to the New York City streets. With bright-buzzy decor and freshly creative pies (e.g. the dessert pie with mascarpone, seasonal berries, sliced almonds, honey, and a scoop of gelato), PB offers up a chiller change of pace within the more traditional pizzeria scene.

Pizza Beach, Multiple locations in Manhattan.
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Dough Boys Pizza
Dough Boys in Manhattan's Mid Town hood is a counter-service spot known for pumping out thin crust pies in an array of punchy flavors. We love their "Blazing Buffalo Ranch" slice (pictured right), made with savory pieces of buff-chick, spicy buffalo sauce, creamy ranch, and slices of fresh mozzarella.

Dough Boys Pizza, 451 3rd Avenue (between 31st Street and 32nd Street); 212-686-1211.
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Umberto's Pizzeria & Restaurant
Although a bit outside of the New York City limits, Umberto's in New Hyde Park boasts some of the best pizza around. The no-frills, traditional Italian digs pumps out brick-oven pies with crunchy crust and major flavor — try the deep dish "Pazzo" with homemade mozzarella, marinara sauce, sausage, black olives, and roasted peppers.

Umberto's Pizzeria & Restaurant, 633 Jericho Turnpike (at S. 8th Street); 516-437-7698.
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Roma Pizza
Roma Pizza in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights is a counter service only kind of spot, serving up multiple specialty slices complete with the family owners' secret sauce. Our favorite? Aside from the bacon and ranch pie, the garlic knot comes in at a close second (pictured right, in all its knot-crust glory).

Roma Pizza, 85 7th Avenue (at Union Street); 718-783-7334.
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Martina Pizzeria
Martina is Marta's more casual, but still hip, East Village pizza sister. This thin-crust, Roman-style za joint is open all week long for lunches, dinners, and even those late night slice-craving occasions (i.e., it closes at 1 a.m. on weekends). Pair the Capricciosa pie with any one of their cold craft beer options, or a bubbly half bottle of champagne — if you're feeling fancy; it's layered with artichokes, ham, mushrooms, black olives, mozzarella, and topped off with a perfectly yolky egg.

Martina Pizzeria, 198 E. 11th Street (at 3rd Avenue); 646-747-6635.
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Corner Slice
Tucked inside Gotham West Market is Corner Slice — a simple and affordable pizza spot that only offers three highly perfected options: the Tomato Pie with sauce, garlic, Sicilian oregano, pecorino, and olive oil; the Cheese Pie with fresh mozz, sauce, basil, pecorino, and grana; and the White Pie with fresh mozz, ricotta, pecorino, grana, and black pepper. The best part? Every slice is a crunchy-crispy corner slice (like the title intends).

Corner Slice, 600 11th Avenue (at W. 45th Street); 212-582-7940.
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Eataly NYC Downtown
Downtown Manhattan's newest Eataly location boasts an entire pizza section; slinging slices and entire pies for sit or stay munching. Pro tip: Go after work and grab a high top table, a cold glass of rosé, and a piece of the spicy Shakshuka pie (pictured right).

Eataly NYC Downtown, 101 Liberty Street (between Trinity Place and Greenwich Street); 212-897-2895.
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Diviera Drive
This Williamsburg spot serves up wood-fired pizzas in a glass-enclosed space with a sunny (and sailboat-accented) outdoor patio. Stop in for some rustic-hip Italian vibes, and stick around for the white-sauced "Salsiccia" pie with pork sausage, burnt leeks, and Parmesan — or the "Funghi" with oyster mushrooms, red onions, garlic oil, thyme, and asiago cheese.

Diviera Drive, 131 Berry Street (at N. 6th Street); 347-987-4302.
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Bleecker Street Pizza
Located on the already pie-iconic Bleecker Street is aptly named BSP. The za at this downtown spot is classic New York foldable, triangle-style with a special sauce that's been passed down from the owner's very own Nonna. Go in and grab a slice of the classic, Tuscan, or Nonna Maria.

Bleecker Street Pizza, 69 7th Avenue South (between Commerce Street and 7th Avenue); 212-924-4466.
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Fiore's Pizza
Located on the already pizza-famous Bleecker Street in downtown Manhattan, Fiore's serves up sensationally-sauced and thin-crusted, classic city pies. Fan favorites include the traditional "Pizza Fiore," margarita, and white. But the real selling point of this slice spot? You can swing by the joint all the way up until 4 a.m. on weekdays to get your cheesy fix.

Fiore's, 165 Bleecker Street (between Thompson and Sullivan Street); 212-982-8663.
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My Pie Pizzeria Romana
This casual Upper West Side joint is a fast neighborhood favorite for their authentic Roman square slices made with imported Italian flour. Pick up a pie in flavors spanning from the classic Grandma to a spicy buffalo chicken — there's even a mushroom with truffle oil option for those in need of a more decadent bite.

My Pie Pizzeria Romana, Multiple Locations.
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Scarr's Pizza
Scarr's is a no-frills, LES local-filled spot serving up Sicilian and pan pies —all made with natural, high quality ingredients (and love). This cheesy, off-the-grid joint also boasts a back bar with soda fountain-style stools for old-school pizzeria vibes. So stop by for a classic New York slice, sip, and sit — sans the hoards of tourists.

Scarr's pizza, 22 Orchard Street (between Canal and Hester streets); 212-334-3481.
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Surprisingly, this popular NYC za spot originally hails from Washington D.C.! &pizza is known for whipping up custom made pies shaped like large ovals (i.e. best for fitting any array of toppings and cheeses your heart stomach desires). They also offer up signature pies, like the "Gnarlic" (a variation of a white pie) or the "Moonstruck" (a mushroom pie) for those lacking culinary creativity.

&pizza, 740 Broadway (at Astor Place); 212-777-2042.
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Valducci's Pizza Truck
The future of the pizza spot? Make it portable. Valducci's za-truck has us covered on that front; cruising around the city, serving up delicious slices with a sweet tomato sauce and some fresh cheese to-go. They offer a wide variety of pies, from Sicilian to a classic (and foldable) NYC triangle slice — so be on the lookout.

Valducci's Pizza Truck, 3080 Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island; 212-470-8476, and Various locations.
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John's of Bleecker Street
John's has authentic, old school, and family-owned down to a T. So if that happens to be your NYC pizza ideal, then look no further. This OG Greenwich village institution has been around since 1929, serving up classic pies in the very same coal oven it started with. Pop by this no-frills joint for a slice of the real dough deal.

John's of Bleecker Street, 278 Bleecker Street (between Jones and Morton streets); 212-243-1680.
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Artichoke Basille's Pizza
A Staten Island OG, this now legendary NYC staple has laid cheesy claim on a slice after its namesake: The Artichoke. These famed pies are packed with spinach, creamy artichoke dip, and layers of cheese atop a baked-to-perfection thick and crunchy crust. It's not your average Big Apple slice — a damn good way.

Artichoke Basille's Pizza, Multiple Locations.
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Bleecker Street Pizza
Bleecker Street Pizza, nestled on the iconic street of the same name, shells out what some may argue to be the classic NYC slice. With a thin, foldable crust and authentic sauce passed down from a real-life Nonna, these pies definitely have the tasty edge over competing places in the hood. Stop by for a slice of the the classic, Tuscan, or Nonna Maria and munch it to-go in a nearby park.

Bleecker Street Pizza, 69 7th Avenue S. (at Barrow Street); 212-924-4466.
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My Pie Pizzeria Romana
This newly opened pizza destination is all the buzz in the UWS hood. Featuring authentic square Roman pies in a wide range of savory flavors from classic to festive (grandma, buff-chick, mushroom with truffle oil, and more), there's a slice to hit everyone's sweet spot!

My Pie Pizzeria Romana, Multiple locations in Manhattan.
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Waldy's Wood Fired Pizza
Waldy's cooks up thin crust pies in a wood-fired oven — so if you're into ultra crispy za, you might want to pop in for a slice (or several) stat. We're currently craving the braised lamb with roasted lemon and oregano pie. Oh, and the clam with garlic crumbs and ricotta.

Waldy's Wood Fired Pizza, 800 6th Avenue (at W. 27th Street); 212-213-5042.
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PN Wood Fired Pizza
This isn't your ordinary NYC pizza spot — PN stands for "Pecore Nere" which translates to black sheep. And this black sheep pie shop lets you choose your own dough (or CYOD)! From all organic and well-matured blends of Italian heritage soft wheat, multigrain, farro and rye blends, and more, you can pick your doughy poison before even getting into the saucy topping situation.

PN Wood Fired Pizza, 2 W. 28th Street (at 5th Avenue); 646-964-4834.
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LES Pizza
This new pizza bar on the Lower East Side is co-owned by neighborhood favorite, Sauce. The pies are are classic NYC thin-crust with an added festive flair; think veggie pies with zucchini based sauce instead of tomato or a white slice with mozz, parm, ricotta, pecorino, kale and a drizzle of truffle oil to boot.

LES Pizza, 78 Rivington Street (at Allen Street).
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Prime Pizza Kitchen
This unassuming Staten Island pizzeria flings some fantastic NYC-style pies, on top of a few quirkier options. Try a slice of the square cheeseburger with ground beef, a homemade cheese sauce, sautéed onions, and a blend of mozzarella and american cheese; the crust is thin, the cheese is melty, and the flavors are burger-y.

Prime Pizza Kitchen, 1778 Hylan Boulevard (at Liberty Avenue) in Staten Island; 718-351-5000.
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Arturos Restaurant
Live jazz and coal-oven pizzas in the Village?! We couldn't ask for a more classic NYC slice joint. Arturos is great for casual family-style dinners or even an old school vibe date — stop by and order up your fresh mozzarella pie with a side of Saxophone.

Arturos Restaurant, 106 W. Houston Street (at Thompson Street); 212-677-3820.
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Bruno Pizza
The East Village's Bruno Pizza is a bright and airy joint with a specialty in-house flour mill for the freshest of pies, pastas, and other seasonal plates. Pop in for the mushroom pie (pictured right) with creminis, walnut pesto, ricotta, shallots, and some parmesan — it's delectable.

Bruno Pizza, 204 E. 13th Street (at 3rd Avenue); 212-598-3080.
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Little Italy Pizza
Looking to grab a slice in Manhattan's Midtown hood? Look no further than Little Italy Za (spoiler alert: it isn't actually in Little Italy). The spaghetti slice with fresh chunks of mozzarella is something to be marveled at — and then consumed in an instant.

Little Italy Pizza, 169 W. 32nd Street (at 6th Avenue); 212-643-9988.
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Sac's Place
Venture to Queens and stop by Sac's Place for Mama's old-fashioned pie (pictured right); Made with with fresh mozzarella, basil, and a crunchy thin crust. The pizza at this no-frills, family-run joint is made to crispy perfection in a fiery coal-oven — and the pasta selection ain't bad either. Order up the homemade manicotti stuffed shells or the roasted pepper and smoked mozzarella ravioli.

Sac's Place, 2541 Broadway (at 29th Street) in Queens; 718-204-5002.
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Screamer's Pizza

Yes, a vegan pizzeria exists in NYC — and it's delicious, y'all. Screamer's Pizza in Brooklyn's Greenpoint-Willy's-burg hood offers up hot all-vegan slices with creative flavor flair. Try the Buffalo Cauliflower pizza (pictured right) or the classic Screamer pie complete with garlic oil, oyster and cremini mushrooms, parsley flakes, and savory almond parmesan.

Screamer's Pizza, 620 Manhattan Avenue (at Nassau Avenue) in Brooklyn; 347-844-9412.
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Sofia Pizza Shoppe

Tucked just above Midtown East in Manhattan's Sutton Place hood, Sofia's pizzeria is flipping classic New York pies (round and square) with old-school style. It's a must visit — if only for a bite of the out-of-this-world delectable spinach dip slice (pictured right).

Sofia Pizza Shoppe, 989 1st Avenue (at East 54th Street); 212-888-8816.
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Apizza Regionale

A brick oven pizzeria located within downtown Brooklyn's Gotham Market, Apizza Regionale serves up Neopolitan-style pies in NYC style. With an oven imported straight from Southern Italy and an owner with a firm handle on the food scene (Dino-BBQ's John Stage), this za spot is slinging up a salacious selection. Try the Calabrian with tomato sauce, hot soppressata, house mozzarella, caciocavallo, fresh oregano, and calabrian chili infused local honey.

Gotham Market At The Ashland, 590 Fulton Street (at Rockwell Place) in Brooklyn.
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La Grata
This slenderly-structured South Bronx pizzeria shells out crispy pies (touted by patrons to be "authentically Italian") with classically topped flavor mashups. Try the La Grata with tomato, ricotta, mozzarella and basil. And if you're feeling especially hungry for some za, the Carbonara with bacon and eggs will undoubtedly hit the sweet spot.

La Grata, 136 Alexander Avenue (at Bruckner Boulevard); 718-942-5575.
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PizzaMoto on the outskirts of South Brooklyn's Red Hook is serving up crispy-crunchy Neapolitan-style pizzas (with plenty of doughy crust bubbles to go around). The vibes at this joint are hip-art-eclectic and the pies are on par with the ambience — order up the "Eggs in Hell" with bacon, chili, and a soft-cooked egg, or the vegan "Tuscan Kale-Miso Pesto" with walnuts, roasted squash, and pickled onion.

PizzaMoto, 338 Hamilton Avenue (at Mill Street) in Brooklyn; 718-834-6686.
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Louie & Ernie's Pizza
This Bronx pizzeria is serving serious New York slice realness: Thin and chewy crust combos with a most ideal ratio of oil to cheese. You can't go wrong with a classic plain cheese order, but the sausage pie is truly where the major flavor's at (the sausage is always cooked fresh to order).

Louie & Ernie's Pizza, 1300 Crosby Avenue (at Waterbury Avenue); 718-829-6230.
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Olio e Piú
This cozy-chic West Village pizzeria doles out thin crust pies along with pastas and full-bodied glasses of vino. The fire oven gives each pizza a rich smokey quality — and if you're into that, we'd recommend going with the Abbondante (i.e. smoked mozzarella, roasted pepper, Italian sausage, and basil). Crispy, crunchy, creamy, smoky deliciousness.

Olio e Piú, 3 Greenwich Avenue (between Christopher and W. 8th Street); 212-243-6546.
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A Park Slope pizza spot that specializes in all things weird and delectable. From their Vermont smoked and cured pepperoni pie with burnt honey to their Mermaid's Garden clam and garlic pie with anchovy and lemon, the slices at Gristmill will keep you on the edge of your seat — as will the bright, buzzy, and retro decor.

Gristmill, 289 5th Avenue (at 1st Street) in Brooklyn; 718-499-2424.
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Emily Pizza
This quaint local spot offers up serious Italian-style pies that are simple, thin, crispy, and undeniably delicious.

Emily Pizza, 919 Fulton Street (between Clinton and Waverly avenues), Brooklyn; 347-844-9588.
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Enoteca On Court
Enoteca is a Carroll Gardens pizzeria serving up small and customizable brick-oven pies. The digs are sparse (but cozy), the crusts are thin (but chewy), and the Del Monte is a must order (no buts) — made with mushrooms, caciocavallo cheese, mozzarella, and truffle oil.

Enoteca On Court, 347 Court Street (at Union Street) in Brooklyn; 718-243-1000.
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This Harlem pizzeria offers up quality pies, pastas, and other comfort-food entrees in a casual space. Order the "American Beauty" (pictured) for a classic city slice — made simply with mozzarella, tomato sauce, oregano, garlic, and red pepper flakes. Or, if you're looking for an adventure, the Babbalucci pie with snails and gorgonzola will certainly do the trick.

Babbalucci, 331 Lenox Avenue (at W. 127th Street); 646-918-6572.
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Williamsburg Pizza
Sometimes we want our pizza the old-fashioned NYC way: By the triangular slice and served piping hot on a paper plate. But other times, just a slice won't suffice and we want to a whole damn grandma pie (i.e. square). Whatever mood we're in, Williamsburg Pizza has all the dough and sauce angles covered. This straightforward grab-and-go pizzeria flings out fresh slices and whole pies with flair — try the Paesano with crispy-sweet sausage.

Williamsburg Pizza, Multiple locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
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Sauce & Barrel
FiDi's gone and done it — the downtown NYC hood, known for suits and the Stock Exchange, has answered the long-awaited call for a kick-ass pizza joint. Sauce & Barrel boasts a rustically simple bar setting with ample space for solo-dates, dinners, or boozy lunch meetings — the craft cocktail menu is impressive. And the slices? Thin crust, oven-fired, and unexpected. Try the pie with candied tangerine, gorgonzola, and a sprinkling of chili flakes — you'll be glad you did.

Sauce & Barrel, 97 Washington Street (at Rector Street); 212-480-6800.
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Brooklyn Pizza Crew
From the dough-slinging genius of Williamsburg Pizza and 310 Bowery's "Not Detroit Style", comes Nino Coniglio's brand new joint. Brooklyn Pizza Crew hones in on Coniglio's specialities, paying particular homage to pie classics (e.g. L&B's upside down square pie, among others). The slices aren't your average thin crust— and let's just say that the Stuffed Artichoke Grandma Pizza is our newly-appointed winter food mascot.

Brooklyn Pizza Crew, 758 Nostrand Avenue (between Park and Sterling Place) in Brooklyn; 718-363-1122.
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Once solely a Staten Island staple, this legendary pizzeria has expanded across the Verrazano Bridge and into Manhattan's trendy Greenwich Village. Denino's whips up thin-crust pies with old-school vibes. The space is sparse, but sleeker than the SI original — with just enough edge to draw in the neighborhood's fashion forward dinner crowd.

Denino's, Multiple locations in Manhattan and Staten Island.
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Photo: Courtesy of Prova Pizzabar.
Prova Pizzabar
Located in Grand Central Terminal, this new pizza bar is serving up Neapolitan-inspired square pies. If you've got some time to kill, grab a seat in their full dining room and enjoy your crusty, cheesy, bites with a glass of wine and some fresh sides.

The real kicker? Prova offers "adult sippy cups" — so if you've got a train to catch, just grab your slice and vino for a gourmet dinner on-the-go.

Prova Pizzabar, 89 E. 42nd Street (at the Lower Concourse) in Grand Central Terminal; 212-972-0385.
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Sam's Restaurant
Sam's pizzeria in Brooklyn is a desirable change of pace from the bustling slice spots in Manhattan. It's an old-school joint, that's as informal as it's damn delicious — serving up perfectly crispy-chewy brick oven pies with neighborhood hospitality.

Sam's Restaurant, 238 Court Street (at Baltic Street); 718-596-3458.
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Rocky's II
Yes, that is penne vodka on a slice. Rocky's II is a late night pie destination serving up a smorgasbord of pastas, pizzas, and pastas on pizzas. Try their ravioli or chicken parmigiana slices — or if you're in the mood for something green, the Caesar salad pie is always a fine choice.

Rocky's II, 607 2nd Avenue (at E. 34th Street); 212-683-4151.
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Photo: Via @joycekaye.
This isn't your classic NYC slice — Margot's whips up a "tavern" pie with traditionally thinner crust cooked to crispy perfection. Stop by for the Margot-rita, Funghitown, or the Sgt. Pepperoni. Don't feel like sharing? No problem. As owner, Adam Kuban, states: these pies are "large enough to share but small enough you could house one yourself".

Margot's Pizza, 919 Fulton Street (between Clinton and Washington avenues).
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Forno Rosso Pizzeria
Classic brick oven pies in an upscale-modern setting. Stop by Forno Rosso in downtown Brooklyn for a classic margarita or the mushroom tartufata pie — and if you're feeling especially adventurous afterwards, take a stroll down to Dumbo for sights and some shopping.

Forno Rosso Pizzeria, 327 Gold Street (at Johnson Street) in Brooklyn; 718-451-3800.
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Koronet Pizzeria
Koronet is nestled within the Morningside Height's neighborhood of the Upper West Side — and it may just be the pizzeria of your dreams. With slices the size of (and sometimes bigger than) your face, they've coined their classic NYC pies "King-slices".

Koronet Pizzeria, 2848 Broadway (at W. 111th Street); 212-222-1566.
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Photo: Courtesy of Amorina Cucina Rustica.
Amorina Cucina Rustica
If you live near Prospect Heights in BK, or ever find yourself nearby, make it a point to stop by Amorina's for a slice (or five). This no-fuss, classic Italian spot serves up delectable Roman-style pies at a very desirable price.

Amorina Cucina Rustica, 624 Vanderbilt Avenue (at Prospect Place); 718-230-3030.
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Photo: Courtesy of Patrizia's.
Patrizia's of Manhattan
These star-shaped brick oven pies are not on the main menu — so be sure to make a special request. With thin, crunchy, and cheese-filled crusts, you'll be glad you did. Bonus points for ordering the Nutella pie for dessert.

Patrizia's, 466 2nd Avenue (at the corner of E 26th Street); 212-597-9999.
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Photo: via @frannysbk.
On the boarder of Park Slope and Prospect Heights, Franny's offers up delectable and environmentally conscious Italian eats — using ingredients seasonally sourced from local vendors and served up fresh from its cozy BK kitchen. The specialty? Neapolitan pizza pies all the way from clam to anchovies and squash blossoms.

Franny's, 348 Flatbush Avenue (at the corner of 8th Avenue); 718-230-0221.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pasquale Jones.
Pasquale Jones
Chef Ryan Hardy of NYC's Charlie Bird is also the owner of this hot new spot churning out wood-fired pizza pies. Pasquale Jones is small, hip, and without a telephone line— so arrive early if you want to sit and enjoy a slice. The insanely delicious clam pie is what makes this trendy Soho spot well worth the wait— made with charred broccoli raab, cream, salted chiles, and white wine steamed clams.

Pasquale Jones, 187 Mulberry Street (at the corner of Kenmare Street).
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Photo: Courtesy of Emmy Squared/Instagram.
Emmy Squared
If you love Emily (also featured in this slideshow), you'll love its newer sister restaurant Emmy Squared. This Williamsburg pizza joint offers doughier, rectangular Detroit-style pies with some serious toppings. We know it's technically all about the slice, but don't leave without trying the meatball sandwich, too!

Emmy Squared, 364 Grand Street (at Marcy Avenue), Williamsburg; 718-360-4535.
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Photo: Courtesy of L&B Spumoni Gardens.
L&B Spumoni Gardens
Looking for a truly old-school Brooklyn pie? Look no further than L&B, a classic pizzeria that's been serving up square Sicilian slices for the past 75 years. What makes this pizza so special? Its perfected simplicity — it's just dough, cheese, and sauce! "We're pizza lovers for pizza's sake and we love what we serve," L&B says — and we promise that you're going to dig it, too.

L&B Spumoni Gardens, 2725 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223; (718) 449-1230
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Don Antonio by Starita
For all the things Times Square is known for (topless women! dropping balls!), food is sadly not one of them. But even those New Yorkers who avoid 42nd Street like the plague must, at times, drop in, if only to see a show. And, if you look beyond the neon signs and chain restaurants, you can find a pizzeria that's not only good for the neighborhood, it's just good, period. Don Antonio by Starita is brought to you by the same chef responsible for the delicious Neapolitan-style pizza at Kesté, plus his mentor, Antonio Starita. Here, you'll get classic pies straight from the wood-fired oven, as well as their specialty fried pizzas. It might be enough to make even the most hardened New Yorkers reconsider their stance on Midtown.

Don Antonio By Starita, 309 W 50th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues); 646-719-1043.
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New Yorkers tend to get a tad defensive about their cultural staples, and pizza is no exception. While some (including, famously, Jon Stewart) may thumb their noses at Chicago's famed deep-dish pizza, we just love pizza too much to have to choose. Sure, you can't fold it like a classic New York slice, but the Chicago-style pizza served up at Emmett's is proof that everyone, even New Yorkers, should give the deep-dish pie a try.

Emmett's, 50 Macdougal Street (between Prince and Houston); 917-639-3571.
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Photo: Courtesy of Juliana's.
Patsy and Carol Grimaldi sold off their namesake restaurant under the Brooklyn Bridge years ago, and now they’re back with Juliana’s, named for Patsy’s mama. There are a few exquisite standards like marinara on the menu, plus specialty combinations with ingredients like white truffles and smoked salmon.

Juliana’s, 19 Old Fulton Street (between Front and Water Streets); 718-596-6700
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Photo: Courtesy of @rickysjones.
Prince Street Pizza
You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bad slice at this beloved NoLita spot, but there’s one pie in particular that gets customers lined up out the door. A piece of Spicy Spring is huge, thick, and covered in extra crispy pepperoni.

Prince Street Pizza, 27 Prince Street (between Mott and Elizabeth Streets); 212-966-4100
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Photo: Courtesy of Best Pizza.
Best Pizza
The name says it all, right? This Williamsburg eatery aims to bring back Brooklyn’s heyday as the mecca of pizza, and their pies and topping combos never stray from the classics… aside from a kale slice, of course.

Best Pizza, 33 Havemeyer Street (between N 7th and 8th Streets); 718-599-2210
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Photo: Courtesy of Patsy's Pizza.
Patsy’s Pizza
Every neighborhood has its preferred pizza spot, and in East Harlem it’s Patsy’s. Opened by two Italian immigrants in 1933, it has served up slices to paesanos like Frank Sinatra, Joe DiMaggio, and Francis Ford Coppola over the years.

Patsy’s Pizza, 2287 First Avenue (at 118th Street); 212-534-9783.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sottocasa.
As the Italian name suggests, this pizzeria started out in a basement. Four years later, the Boerum Hill restaurant is so major that they are now opening outposts in Williamsburg and Harlem. All the better for serving up pies with mountains of toppings on a delicate charred crust.

Sottocasa, Multiple locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kesté Pizza & Vino.
Kesté Pizza & Vino
At this restaurant it's all in the name. Kesté, meaning "this is it" in the Italian dialect of Naples, Italy, has been rated the number one pizza in the city by New York Magazine. The authentic West Village pizzeria offers a variety of 50 different pies, wood-fired to perfection, so plan to make several trips here to try it out for yourself!

Kesté Pizza & Vino, 271 Bleecker Street; 212-243-1500.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lil' Frankie's.
Lil' Frankie's
This East Village staple prides itself on their brick wood burning oven where their pizzas come to life, that was handcrafted by a 3rd generation Neapolitan oven builder. The ambiance is casual and romantic- great for dates and groups of friends. They offer a variety of different pies, perfect for sharing.

Lil' Frankie's, 19 1st Avenue; 212-420-4900.
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Photo: Courtesy of @tavolanyc.
When greasy-slice overload leaves you craving something more rustic, Hell's Kitchen's hidden gem, Tavola, is where you should go to find pizza paradise. Helmed by Nick Accardi, who learned the perks of regional Italian cooking when he followed his family roots to Sicily, the menu boasts an arsenal of homegrown recipes you'd typically only find in nonna's kitchen.

Tavola, 488 Ninth Avenue (between 37th and 38th streets), 212-273-1181.
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Photo: Courtesy of @rizzosles.
Rizzo's Fine Pizza
Gluten-avoiders, tree-huggers, meat-lovers, UNITE! Rizzo's may just have the most accommodating menu in the wide world of New York pizza. Bring all your friends — a knockout meal is perhaps the only thing you can't substitute here.

Rizzo's Fine Pizza, Multiple Locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of @martamanhattan.
Insane lines lead to insane pizza. At least that's how it goes at Marta, the Italian hotspot from Maialino's Nick Anderer. Here, classics like the Margherita Di Bufala and creative twists like like Cavolini, are pizzas equally worth the wait. Go if you can get a reservation or a first-come-first-serve spot; linger outside if you can't.

Marta, 29 East 29th Street (between Park and Madison avenues); 212-651-3800.
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Photo: Courtesy of @soundsmells.
Nick's Pizza
Consider Nick's thin-crust pies (and it's old-fashioned, family-run atmosphere) a little slice of heaven on the Upper East Side.

Nick's Pizza, 1814 Second Avenue (at East 94th Street); 212-987-5700.
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Photo: Courtesy of @motorino_ph.
The perfect neighborhood joint for wood-fired pizza. Be daring and order one of its more creative pies, like the Brussels sprouts with smoked pancetta or the cherry-stone clam with parsley, lemon, and sea salt.

Motorino, locations in Williamsburg and Manhattan.
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Photo: Courtesy of @speedyromeo.
Speedy Romeo
Justin Bazdarich and Todd Feldman's artisanal pies have earned Speedy Romeo a loyal following — and a coveted spot on Michelin's 2014 Bib Gourmand list. We recommend The Kind Brother (wild mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, farm egg, and sage) and The Dick Dale (speck, pineapple, Provel cheese, and grilled scallions).

Speedy Romeo, 376 Classon Avenue (at Greene Avenue), Brooklyn; 718-230-0061.
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Photo: Courtesy of @zeroottonove.
Zero Otto Nove
The only problem we have with this place? How to choose among its 14 different types of pies.

Zero Otto Nove, 2357 Arthur Avenue (at East 186th Street), Bronx; 718-220-1027.
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Photo: Courtesy of @afrancini.
Mark Iacono's baby has officially come to life in the form of a cozy Carroll Gardens spot practically made for posting up and devouring some thin-crust goodness. They don't take reservations, so your best bet is to get there as soon as it opens, and pray.

Lucali, 575 Henry Street (at Carroll Street), Brooklyn; 718-858-4086.
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Photo: Courtesy of @el_nopalito.
Joe & Pat's
The family-owned and -operated Staten Island eatery is as close as you can get to authentic Italian cuisine without setting foot on an airplane. Buon appetito!

Joe & Pat's, 1758 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island; 718-981-0887.
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Photo: Courtesy of @coxpriya.
This cool Ditmas Park resto, which opened less than a year ago, features a Stefano Ferrara wood-fired oven, imported from Naples — the secret to its rustic personal pies.

Lea, 1022 Cortelyou Road (at Stratford Road), Brooklyn; 718-928-7100.
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Photo: Courtesy of @fridaypieday.
Pie By The Pound
Yes, gluten-free pizza can be good — and Pie By The Pound's is delicious, inexpensive, and perfect for a cozy group gathering.

Pie By The Pound, 124 Fourth Avenue (between East 12th and 13th streets); 212-475-4977.
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Photo: Courtesy of @akuban.
Paulie Gee's
Head to this Greenpoint hot spot for unconventional pies like A Whiter Shade of Kale, Hellified Porkpie White, and Cherry Jones, plus an array of equally delicious vegetarian options. Oh, and Zagat named it the best pizza in New York City.

Paulie Gee's, 60 Greenpoint Avenue (between West and Franklin streets), Brooklyn; 347-987-3747.
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Photo: Courtesy of @supergracey.
If any pizzeria in New York City has earned itself a cult-like following, it's Roberta's. When available, go for the seasonal Bee Sting (topped with spicy soppressata and honey). All year round, treat yourself to the guanciale and egg or the Lil' Stinker (with pepperoncini, onions, and double garlic).

Roberta's, 261 Moore Street (at Bogart Street), Brooklyn; 718-417-1118.
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Photo: Courtesy of @slaughter_downaz.
Stanton Street Pizza
The perfect hole-in-the-wall joint for the perfect slice of pizza. A win-win.

Stanton Street Pizza, 127 Stanton Street (between Essex and Norfolk streets); 212-533-4252.
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Photo: Courtesy of @wwny7.
The pies may be super-thin and crispy, but they're jam-packed with unreal toppings like broccoli and roasted garlic, feta and black olives, and spicy Italian sausage with caramelized onions. Plus, Vezzo has tons of sibling restaurants across the city: Tappo, Posto, Spunto, and Gruppo.

Vezzo, 178 Lexington Avenue (at 31st Street); 212-839-8300.
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Photo: Courtesy of @stevo6954.
Vinnie's Pizzeria
At Vinnie's, the motto is simple: The more unusual, the better. There are more than 20 meat, vegetarian, and vegan pies from which to choose, ranging from Avocado Quesadilla to Mac Attack (yes, that's mac-and-cheese pizza).

Vinnie's Pizzeria, 253 Nassau Avenue (at Kingsland Avenue), Brooklyn; 718-389-2600.
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Photo: Courtesy of @brianduprety.
Wheated Brooklyn
Sourdough pizza and creative cocktails — what more could we ask for?

Wheated Brooklyn, 905 Church Avenue (at East 10th Street), Brooklyn; 347-240-2813.
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Photo: Courtesy of @thecarbqueen.
If you can get into this SoHo spot (the wait can average an hour or more), post up and order lots of apps, pies, pasta, and, well, anything else you can fit into your stomach. Bring the whole crew; the portions are massive.

Rubirosa, 235 Mulberry Street (between Prince and Spring streets); 212-965-0500.
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Photo: Courtesy of @pizzalovesemily.
Emily Pizza
This quaint local spot offers up serious Italian-style pies that are simple, thin, crispy, and undeniably delicious.

Emily Pizza, 919 Fulton Street (between Clinton and Waverly avenues), Brooklyn; 347-844-9588.
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Photo: Courtesy of @ernastee.
Rocky's Pizzeria
These mouthwatering, authentic pies are only $11 each — but they're so good, we'd frankly pay a lot more. Get on it, pronto.

Rocky's Pizzeria, 474 Coney Island Avenue (at Church Avenue), Brooklyn; 718-854-9270.
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Photo: Courtesy of @leighade.
Joe's Pizza
The Greenwich Village Institution, as it's appropriately known, is one of those quintessential New York joints everyone should try, whether you're a tourist or a native. Seriously, we want a pizza this (get it?).

Joe's Pizza, locations in Williamsburg and Manhattan.
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Photo: Courtesy of @frojas3440.
Di Fara Pizza
This landmark Brooklyn pizzeria was opened in 1964 by Domenico DeMarco, who still makes the pies by hand. The exterior may be nondescript, but the food is anything but — which is why it's a favorite of everyone from Anthony Bourdain to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Di Fara Pizza, 1424 Avenue J (at East 15th Street), Brooklyn; 718-258-1367.
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Photo: Courtesy of @visibletaste.
Totonno's Pizzeria
Head to Coney Island to sample the pizza equivalent of a Nathan's hot dog. Totonno's has been serving up some of the best pies across the five boroughs for a long time (90 years, to be exact). You'll leave feeling like family — very, very full family.

Totonno's Pizzeria, 1524 Neptune Avenue (between West 15th and 16th streets), Brooklyn; 718-372-8606.
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