The Best Curl-Friendly Hair Salons Around The Country

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Finding a salon where pros can both cut and style curly hair is like apartment-hunting in New York City: long, arduous, and with limited options. The frustrating, research-heavy process is 80% of the reason a lot of women with natural hair tend to take matters into their own hands and DIY it (also, it's a whole lot cheaper). But for those rare moments when you want to treat yourself and avoid the dreaded wash day, you probably wish you had a salon in your general area to hit up — right? Well, we're here to make your life a teensy bit easier. We've rounded up some of the best curly-friendly salons across the country — from Minneapolis to the Big Apple.

We polled people on the internet, friends, and family, and pulled from our own experience, to bring you a selection of shops that won't cower in fear of your coils. Of course, what follows is just the tip of the iceberg. Got one you love that we missed? Shout it out in the comments. The more information and options us curly girls are armed with, the better.

As is the case with all first-time salon visits, we recommend going in for a consultation to get a feel for the stylist and talk over what you're looking for. Once you feel comfortable, book your appointment, sit back, and have your curls cared for.
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Photo: Courtesy of Devachan.
Devachan, New York City & Los Angeles
Yes, this is the same salon that's brought you curly cult favorites like No-Poo, One Condition, and Styling Cream. If you're a fan of the brand's products, we guarantee you'll enjoy the salon, too. It specializes in its own DevaCut dry-cutting method. With three locations in the New York area and one on the West Coast, you can get your curl on in different area codes.

Our favorite part of our trip: The Deva stylists walk and talk you through the wash, condition, and styling processes, so that you can easily re-create your new 'do back home.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ouidad.
Ouidad, Santa Monica, CA, New York City & Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ouidad is another salon from a popular curly-hair brand.
After receiving an overwhelming demand for appointments, the acclaimed curly-hair expert opened this salon and training studio. The stylists are all experts in the brand's patented Carving & Slicing techniques (more about that here), and prefer to cut curls while wet. Whether you're a 1A or 4C, they've got you covered on all fronts.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hair Rules.
Hair Rules, New York City
Founder and celebrity hairstylist Anthony Dickey and his team take a different approach to cutting tighter curls — and that's straight. If your eyebrow is raised, you're not alone. But hear him out. "For textures that happen to have a lot of shrinkage, tightly wound spirals, or tight kinks, we blow the hair out first to be able to make sure that all strands get the attention that they deserve and don't turn into a split end," he tells us.

We can personally attest that what seems wackadoodle actually gets the job done. Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Kelis, Rihanna, and First Lady Michelle Obama don't go to Dickey because he's mediocre. Something else worth writing home about: the salon's in-and-out approach. There won't be any sitting around for hours because your stylist overbooked, again. The salon's killer products are also some of our favorites.
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Photo: Courtesy of H2 Salon.
H2 Salon, Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn is crawling with curly-haired cuties, so it's no surprise that there's a slew of hairdressers in the area to cater to their coils. Some of the best come out of Bed-Stuy's H2 salon. Located in an easy-to-miss nook, the modern, exposed-brick shop puts an emphasis on "him and her" styling (hence the name).

We suggest booking an appointment with the owner, Dailey Greene — if your wallet permits — but you're in good hands regardless of stylist. Go curly or straight, but don't sleep on the salon's color capabilities, either.
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Photo: Courtesy of Simply Erinn's.
Simply Erinn's, Cambridge, MA
Who says going to the salon has to drain your entire bank account? At this shop, you receive 10% off your first visit and 20% off if you refer a friend. The owner, Erinn Danielle, has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has passed along her skills and knowledge to her staff.

The salon's style gallery provides inspiration for days; the selection of services is a whole lot longer than most.
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Photo: Courtesy of Oyin Handmade.
Oyin Handmade, Baltimore
If you're a fan of Oyin Handmade's all-natural, addictively good-smelling products, then we advise you to check out its recently opened salon. Customers receive a free 15-minute consultation and can pick from services like total makeover cuts, micro two-strand twists, and steam treatments. There are even special custom options for children and those transitioning to natural hair.

One point of note: It is only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
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Photo: Courtesy of Van Cleef Hair Studio.
Van Cleef Hair Studio, Chicago
Van Cleef salon has been providing tip-top services for 25 years and counting. For 20 of those years, a young Michelle Obama frequented the shop, getting her hair done by its proprietor, Michael "Rahni" Flowers, from the time she was 18 until after she became a resident of the White House. Van Cleef has received a number of accolades over the years, and is one of the premier salons for various textures in Chi-town.
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Photo: Courtesy of Textures By Nefertiti.
Textures By Nefertiti, Detroit
At the beginning stages of embracing your natural hair? Founder Nefertiti's got you covered. As she states online: "I view myself as a spiritual coach to individuals ready for the process of embracing their natural hair." She brings together her knowledge of hair, fashion, and spiritual arts to provide customers with a holistic experience (think: sounds of waterfalls in the background, burning aroma oils, and crystals scattered throughout the shop). She offers services like lavender-rosemary hot-oil treatments, and apple-cider vinegar or lemon-lavender-rosemary rinses.

You may mostly see people with locs in the salon chairs here, but for the curly crew, the salon also offers services like two-strand twists, straw sets, and cornrows.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tracy Riggs Salon.
Tracy Riggs Salon, Charlotte, NC
Founder and former hairstylist Tracy Riggs, whose early work included styling Lil' Kim, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, and Jazmine Sullivan, opened her first salon at age 24. With a career spanning over two decades under her belt, she knows exactly what she's doing — and her staff does, too.

The salon offers blowdry, Bantu, extensions, and loc-maintenance services. The stylists use a range of organic and paraben-free products, understanding that natural hair has specific, finicky needs. Riggs also manages to pay it forward by holding private classes in the salon to teach women with natural hair how to style, grow, and maintain their own 'dos.
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Photo: Courtesy of Be Fabulous.
Be Fabulous, Fort Myers, FL
Hair-care line Alikay Naturals opened the doors of its Fort Myers salon in 2014, and we can only presume that the residents of Florida have been praising its presence ever since (that humidity is no joke, y'all). Before booking your appointment, take advantage of the 30-minute consultations offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. What can you expect from the chat? A customized healthy-hair plan, goal tracker, scalp analysis, and product recommendations.

Also, scroll through the shop's Instagram for some tress inspiration and the occasional deal (like a summer special on Big Chops).
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Photo: Courtesy of Colour App.
Colour App, Atlanta
Who wants to venture outside into the scorching Hotlanta heat just to sit under a dryer for hours? Well, now you won't even have to leave the comfort of your own house to get your hair laid, thanks to the newly launched Colour App.

Created by women of color for women of color, it works like this: You log on to the invite-only app, select your style of choice (blowout, flexi-rod set, braided updo, halo or goddess braids, you name it), and make your appointment. Your stylist will meet you at your front door to glam you up. The service doesn't include haircuts or chemical treatments, and an individual appointment goes for $65 (including tip). Or, you can sign up for the $200-a-month deal and receive unlimited styling.

Right now, the app only caters to those in the ATL area, but founder Debra Shigley tell us that she and her team will be piloting in New York City and D.C. later this year, and Chicago next year.
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Photo: Courtesy of Michael Flores Salon.
Michael Flores Salon, Dallas
According to every single review of it on Naturally Curly's website, Angela Hicks is your go-to stylist when booking an appointment at this Texas-based salon. It specializes in the DevaCut method, which starts at $105. It's located on the sixth floor of Neiman Marcus, so it's already got fancy digs to pair with its 5-star rating on Yelp.
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Photo: Courtesy of Carmella Marie.
Carmella Marie, Youngstown, OH
Fresh on the salon circuit, this chic little shop, located inside of Legacy Beauty and Barber, just opened its doors this month. The founder's namesake salon is her second beauty venture, the first being a selection of hair products formulated for those with natural hair. The main goal for Marie and her stylists: Educate clients about hair and beyond. The company has a high school mentoring program and also helps women start and build their own businesses.

Since the salon is brand-spankin'-new, it is not taking appointments just yet and all services are walk-in only at the moment.
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Photo: Courtesy of Capella Salon.
Capella Salon, Los Angeles
Shai Amiel, a.k.a. the self-proclaimed curl doctor, runs this noteworthy shop in the Studio City area. The salon specializes in the DevaCut method, and the entire staff is made up of curly-hair experts. Amiel has clients like Tamera Mowry, Amandla Stenberg, and Yvette Nicole Brown on his impressive roster — three ladies with some of the best coils in the game.

A cut with the doctor himself will cost you a very pretty penny (read: $275), while a snip with a junior stylist starts at $85. Look no further than Amiel's Instagram feed for all of the proof you need that this place is going to be well worth your dollars.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Curly Hair Studio.
The Curly Hair Studio, Portland, OR
Atoya Bass first started The Curly Hair Studio because she saw a huge need in the curly community. "No one was offering services for people who wanted to wear their waves or curls natural," she tells us. "So, I decided to devote my career to waves and curls only." And she's stayed on that track ever since. She tries not to complicate her services by focusing on proper shape and teaching her clients about hydration. But just because she likes to keep things simple doesn't mean she's not impacting clients. "It's more than a cut, it's a cause," she says. "I want women to feel good about the hair they were born with."

Though the website may be teeming with pictures of ladies with looser curls, Bass reassures us that she specializes in all coil types.
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Photo: Courtesy of Uptown Curls.
Uptown Curl, Minneapolis
Interested in wearing your hair straight for the weekend? You'll want to go somewhere other than Uptown Curls — it has a strict no-blowouts-allowed policy. Rather, the pros there help you appreciate, learn about, and style your curls to help them reach their full potential.

A trim ranges from $60 to $100, while a deep-condition and style rings up at $50. If you're interested in the ever-famous Pintura coloring technique, it starts at $80. You'll walk out feeling like an uptown girl with your new and improved Uptown Curls.
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