18 Men's Products Every Girl Should Be Using

If you've ever snagged a dollop of your father's shaving cream or a spritz of a guy friend's cologne, you probably know that just because a product has the word "men's" slapped on the label, doesn't mean it won't work its magic on women.

Sure, this may not sound like a novel concept (because it definitely isn't), but purchasing gender-assigned beauty products has been a longtime norm — and we're calling bullshit.

Given that women's products are priced higher than men's (thanks, "pink tax"), we think more women should consider men's products over the flowery, pastel-hued items we're "supposed" to buy. Ahead, we asked some beauty pros which men's products they love to use. Next time you're in your local Target, maybe you'll think twice before glossing over the men's beauty aisle.

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"Not a lot of people know this, but Old Spice started out as a women's fragrance back in the 1930s. I know. The scent (spicy, obviously, with citrus and vanilla) is so far away from what fragrance marketers want women to buy these days, which is interesting to me. I don't care one bit about whether a bottle is pink or blue, if it's "for" men or women. All I care about is how it smells, and this one, though it now lives proudly in the bro aisle, has stood the test of time for a reason. It's good. Plain and simple. The deodorant version is a staple in my medicine cabinet, and plays surprisingly well with most of the fragrances in my rotation. Also, it does its job. And it's cheap."
—Anne-Marie Guarnieri, Refinery 29 deputy editor, beauty

Old Spice Classic Deodorant in Original Scent, $2.69, available at Drugstore.com.
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"Even though they're targeted toward dudes, I keep my shower stocked with Harry's razors — I even have a backlog that will last me through a nuclear winter. They give me a majorly close shave."
—Maria Del Russo, Refinery 29 beauty editor

Harry's The Truman, $10, available at Harry's.
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"This goes on under makeup beautifully and doubles as a moisturizer and primer. Everyone raves about how soothing it feels."
Elisa Flowers, professional makeup artist.

Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, $46, available at Birchbox.
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"My boyfriend keeps running out of this and doesn't know it's because I steal globs of it for my slick ponytails. It holds flyaways down without looking crunchy and imparts really nice shine. Sorry, babe."
—Cat Quinn, Refinery29 deputy beauty director

L'Oréal Studio Line Melting Gel, $4.99, available at L'Oréal Paris.
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"I have a running jokes that the only fragrances I like are either fit for a grandma or something I'd smell on my future boyfriend. The second I sniffed Avon's latest men's cologne, I was hooked. Not only does it have the musky, smoky notes I dig, its top note is ginger, which adds a freshness that I absolutely love."
—Maria Del Russo

Avon Attraction for Him Eau de Toilette Spray, $30, available at Avon.
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"Great, no-frills hair cream that's good for air-drying. I love that it can be shaped and moved around in the hair. Many women's products are focused on getting hair into a certain style and then cementing it in place so it doesn't move. I'm a hair commitment-phobe — I like to run my fingers through my hair throughout the day and change things up. A little volume zhuzh here, a quick scrunch there, and a last-minute part switch just because. This ensures my hair looks good no matter what I decide to do with it — and doesn't leave my hands all sticky after I touch it."
—Megan McIntyre, Refinery29 beauty director

Boogie's Smart Hair Paste, $10, available at Dollar Shave Club.
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"When my face feels like an oil slick, this stuff cleanses it thoroughly without stripping my skin dry. Sometimes I extend that clean, fresh feeling to the beyond my face and use it as a body wash."
—Cat Quinn

Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash, $22, available at Kiehl's.
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"I keep a variety of colors with me in my kit. This product not only hides thinning and balding hair but creates volume after a few shakes. It washes out easily but stays put throughout the day. It's excellent and truly undetectable. Tip: Apply before putting on makeup or moisturizer. Wipe down your face with damp cloth after use."
Elisa Flowers

Toppik Hair Building Fibers, $27.99, available at Sally Beauty.
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"I love the strong matte finish with playable hold. Plus, it’s not greasy. It’s user-friendly and great on pixies and any short-textured women’s cuts."
—Allen Ruiz, Aveda global artistic director for hairstyling

Aveda Pure-formance Grooming Clay, $24, available at Aveda.
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"This combo takes care of my legs like they're my face and look kind of retro cool in my shower. Also, I loathe sparkly, pastel, flower-adorned razors."
—Megan McIntyre

Harry's Winter Winston Set, $30, available at Harry's.
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"This stuff is basically whipped cake frosting. I love how thick and foamy it is — but it doesn't clog your razor like some formulas do. My skin feels crazy-soft afterward, and I love the whole fancy experience of using it. "
—Cat Quinn

Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula, $18, available at Baxter of California.
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"I started using this stuff way before I got really into hair products and styling, and I still reach for it now. My boyfriend had it around his dorm, so I decided to give it a go to keep my bangs out of my face when wearing a ponytail. To this day, it's still one of the products I grab when I really want my hair to stay in place. Just remember: A little goes a long way, so squirt with caution — and remember to warm the product up in your hands before slicking it over your locks."
—Mi-Anne Chan, Refinery29 beauty editorial assistant

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel, $13.99, available at Target.
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"A lot of people complain that 'sport' versions of colognes can veer off into metallic or toothpaste territory; not so, here. Lemon meringue pie and bourbon — those are the two scents that always stand out for me every time I smell this cologne, a combo I happen to love (your mileage may vary). It's zesty, it's fresh, it's warm. It's smells zingier when layered with another citrusy fragrance, and sexier with a vanilla-y one."
—Anne-Marie Guarnieri

Chanel Allure Home Sport, $122, available at Chanel.
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"It is perfect for smoothing thick hair into the sleekest ponytail and is great for curly girls in humid climates. This gel kept my hair from growing like a Chia Pet during a very hot trip to San Antonio in the middle of summer."
—Tippi Shorter, Aveda global artistic director for textured hair

Aveda Pure-formance Firm Hold Gel, $24, available at Aveda.
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"This is the sexiest scent ever. I love to wear it alone and cuddle on the couch in an oversized sweater. Or I layer it with another scent to make it a bit sexier and muskier. It's strong, though — really strong — so spritz sparingly."
—Cat Quinn

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, $220, available at Nordstrom.
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"It's been a long quest to find an aluminum-free deodorant that actually works. I've tried so many versions, and for some reason they almost always make me smell worse (TMI?) or have a strange, gooey texture — which is not something you want to feel under the arms. I tried this one over the summer because of a pretty dire last-minute deodorant situation and have been using it ever since. It lasts all day, doesn't compete with my perfume, and feels weightless on my skin."
—Mi-Anne Chan

Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant, $3.69, available at Drugstore.com.
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"I've tried every razor under the sun, but nothing gets the job done like this. I've never had a single nick, razor burn, or ingrown hair when using it — and the blades stay sharp for so long. Lady-razor makers: We don't need bumpers or fancy soap strips, but thanks for your concern."
—Cat Quinn

Gilette Mach3 Razor (2 count), $7.97, available at Walmart.
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"This matte, moisturizing lip balm is incredibly hydrating — perfect for lips that need to look moist but not shiny."
Elisa Flowers

Kiehl's Facial Fuel No-Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm, $9, available at Kiehl's.
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