9 Gorgeous Lip Products For People Who Hate Lipstick

Hate lipstick? You're not alone. For every red-lip-loving lady among us, there are just as many who can't stand the stuff. Whether it's the constant reapplication, the feeling of the formula, the taste, or the fear of getting it on your teeth, there are plenty of reasons to take a pass on lipstick.

Of course, that doesn't mean you need to stick to clear lip balm. There are plenty of other lip products that deliver a range of shades and finishes — all without any of the drawbacks listed above.

Organized on a handy scale of one to five, we've ranked our favorite lipstick alternatives by the most important result: intensity. Looking for an intensity-level-one balm? We've got that. How about a vibrant stain that will last all day? We've got that, too. Click ahead to find the non-lipstick lip product of your dreams.

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