Quiz: Which Celeb Memoir Speaks Directly To Your Soul?

Not that we’re complaining, but the market is currently saturated with memoirs (for lack of a more catch-all term) from our favorite smart, witty, and wise women. You break through in Hollywood because you’re a good writer with a strong voice, and bam — you’re basically required to write a book about how you got there. Well, they could pull a Drake and summarize it all in a rap lyric. But, Random House doesn’t offer amazingly large advances for pithy one-liners that lack a backstory, a hero’s journey, and a summary of what one has learned in the business we call show.
Four of your favorite smart-and-funny ladies have proffered memoirs-cum-advice books in the past few years, the most recent being Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. While they all touch on the same points — defining formative experiences, sex, working in a historically male-dominated industry, and the importance of friends, to name a few — only one celebrity’s book can be your true literary spirit animal.
It’s time to meet your celebrity soulmate in memoir form.

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