This New Beauty Brand Is Like The Weather Channel For Your Face

Usually, the weather and our beauty routine do not mix: We've had one too many makeup meltdowns brought on by humidity to consider Mother Nature our BFF. But, after encountering Belmondo Beauty's impossibly chic, nature-inspired skin-care line, we're starting to rethink our stance. The all-natural line straight from Vancouver features organic olive oil as its star ingredient, and we're feeling a little bit smitten.
Created by aesthetician Daniela Belmondo, each of the products is inspired by a natural phenomenon: The Rain cleanser, After The Rain toner, The Cloud face cream, The Dunes exfoliator, The Earth deep pore mask, and The Dew face oil. We like the minimalist, apothecary vibe of the packaging and the products themselves are pretty stellar. After The Rain and The Dunes in particular leave your skin feeling soft and supple, without drying it out.
"I created this line out of a desire to share the incredible natural properties of olive oil with others. I'm extremely grateful to have been brought up in an Italian culture where beauty, pleasure, and enjoyment were always encouraged in everything, from the food we ate to the beauty in other people," says Belmondo. "Growing up in Italy as a young child I would literally put olive oil on everything ... including my skin! A lesson I picked up from my grandmother, she was a huge fan of olive oil and hand-made her own olive-oil soap. We used the soap for washing our clothes, to bathe in, and for cleaning the floors."
She continues: "I believe that beautiful skin comes from products derived from the earth’s pure and restorative ingredients and this skin care line is designed around the daily rituals of caring for yourself." Hear, hear!
Belmondo Beauty Skin Care, $14.95-$51.95, available at Belmondo Beauty. Photo: Courtesy of Belmondo Beauty

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