A Juice Cleanse For Better Skin? Where Do We Sign?

Forget about the high-end designer collabs with mass-market retailers. I just tried a new mash-up that could be bigger than Phillip Lim for Target. Love Grace, a New York City-based juice-cleanse company, and TAY Organic Skincare have teamed up to launch the Beautiful Skin Cleanse Kit. It’s a six-piece juice cleanse combined with a four-piece skin care set designed to reenergize your body and give your skin a healthy-looking glow. My first thought when I heard about the partnership was “Of course!” A lot of people use juicing to detox and lose weight, but another bonus is the awesome effect cleansing can have on your complexion. So, it makes perfect sense to use pure, natural skincare products while you’re resetting your system for better results. And, dermatologists always say how skin care works from the inside out, which is why the Beautiful Skin Cleanse Kit was born.
I tried the three-day program, which required me to chug four juices, a thick smoothie, and a citrusy “beauty elixir” each day. My favorite drink was Super Cider, a yummy blend of apple, carrot, ginger, and lemon. I also really liked Restore, a deep red concoction of carrot, beet, celery, parsley, and spinach. By the second day of my liquid diet I had noticeably more energy in the morning, which is not usually my best time of day. Other than a few almonds here and there (hey, I’m human), I didn’t consume anything else during the cleanse. I made it through without any hunger-induced tantrums.
As for the skin care, as rich and creamy as the cleanser and moisturizers are, they didn’t make my face greasy at all. Three days isn’t enough to see a major transformation, but in that short period of time, my skin definitely felt softer and looked fresher and more balanced. I also like that the products didn’t have a strong hippie-dippie scent like other organic lines do. The jars are mini, but there’s enough in there to last about two weeks. So, I continued using the stuff after the juices were gone. No cleanse can last forever, but here’s hoping that I can stick with my healthy habits for a bit longer.
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Love Grace Beautiful Skin Cleanse Kit, $174.50 - $275, available in November at Love Grace.

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