Found: 5 Instantly-Refreshing Face Sprays (Ahhh)

When I was working at a magazine, my cubicle neighbors quickly learned that every afternoon, usually an hour or two after lunch, I would spritz my face with whatever hydrating mist I had on my desk. There was something about the sudden burst of moisture and subtle scent that perked me up right away. And, it was nice to breathe something other than stale office air — if only for a few seconds.
I still love facial mists and these days, I’m using them to beat the heat. Most sprays are supposed to be used after cleansing, but I like to spritz them on whenever I want to feel cooler and fresher, like when I get back home after running errands on a hot day. Face sprays are not only a great way to cope with sweltering heat, they’re also packed with amazing skin benefits. Here are five of the best ones out there.

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