15 Tattoos That Will Give You Ink Envy

It may be true that beauty is fleeting (depending on your definition of beauty, that is). But you know what lasts forever? A beauty-inspired tattoo. Whether it's a hairstylist with a straight razor forever inked onto his forearm or an OPI obsessive with one of the brand's many shades emblazoned on her back, people who love beauty, and we mean really love beauty, aren't afraid to show it.
And since we majorly dig some ink inspiration — be it stick-and-poke or done with a machine — we've rounded up some of the coolest, cutest beauty-centric designs out there. Click through to find some seriously cool tattoos, all with a beauty-ful twist.
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Photo: via @meredosehair.
So you'll never forget your most important hair tools.
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A barber's two best friends.
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Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Grenia/IGK Salon.
Aaron Grenia, a cofounder of IGK Salon, has a sleeve-full of hair-tool designs. We particularly love the vintage razor and Mason Pearson brush.
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Photo: via @jesoner79.
This colorful compact is crossed with what looks like a Christian Louboutin nail lacquer bottle.
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Photo: via @lauralewishair.
A black-and-white vintage blowdryer is an awesome throwback.
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Photo: via @mr_teasdale.
We love how this brush tattoo looks like a watercolor painting.
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Photo: via @kaleighfaz.
This simple lipstick tattoo is just so adorable and delicate.
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Photo: via @the_neon_lady.
That is some serious OPI devotion, right there.
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Photo: via @fastlanetattoo.
What better way to show your lipstick love?
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Photo: Courtesy of Matt Fugate.
Hairstylist Matt Fugate of Serge Normant Salon always has his favorite tool on him.
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A vintage-inspired perfume atomizer is the perfect addition to this beauty-themed arm piece.
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Photo: via @wildxm00n.
Stiletto nails? Check. Mascara and eyeliner? Double check. Gorgeous brushes? Triple check.
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Photo: via @michellerubano.
Is this not the cutest little nail polish bottle ever?
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Photo: via @czarkandinsky.
How beautiful is the detailing on these tools?
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Photo: via @mirellamanelli.
Never go hunting through your bag for your comb again.
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