The Perfect Halloween Costume That’s Hiding In Your Zodiac Sign

There's nothing quite like finding a Halloween costume that feels right on you. And, if you identify with your astrological sign, the symbol that represents your sign is a no-brainer source of authentic costume inspo.

If that approach to your Halloween ensemble sounds too simple, it's high time you gave your sign's symbol another look. Upon deeper consideration, you'll probably find that it embodies your signs' personality, behavior, likes, and dislikes, to a greater extent than you originally thought.

Sure, Scorpio's symbol of a Scorpion is easily dismissed as a surface-level representation of a complex sign. But, when you take into account the mythical reputation of the scorpion in the animal kingdom and compare that to enigmatic, almost dangerous air surrounding people born under the sign, you'll find that this symbol is far from coincidental. And there's a similar explanation for every sign in the Zodiac.

If you've been overlooking your sign's symbol all this time, there just might be a perfect Halloween costume hidden within it. Ahead, discover what truly represents your astrological sign and how to rock it on All Hallows' Eve.


Your symbol: The Ram

Why it fits: Your fiery sign, known to be a little hard-headed at times, will love donning a pair of horns for the night. The Ram perfectly embodies your tenacious attitude and your drive to be first in anything you try. And, depending where your Halloween plans take you, it could serve you well to harness this symbol's assertive energy.

Your symbol: The Bull

Why it fits: A Bull may seem a tad unwieldy for a sign as sensual as yours, but we'd argue that the Taurean Bull is closer to Ferdinand than the one who found its way into china shop. In other words, you'll feel right at home wearing the costume of such a gentle beast — as is your wont as an earth sign, you'll only look tough.

Your symbol: The Twins

Why it fits: Yes, your symbol helps fuel those myths about your sign being two-faced and duplicitous — but being the sign of the Twins is the source of your versatility, too. And this trait can be extremely helpful when it comes to choosing a costume. Whether you see yourself as more of a Grady or an Olsen (or two people going as ghosts), you'll be staying true to your sign.

Your symbol: The Crab

Why it fits: What Cancer hasn't wanted to spend an entire night in the comfort and safety of their own shell — er, house? Your homebody instincts are more crustacean than you think. As a water sign, you'll love playing up your oceanic roots and the fact that you can scuttle away as your bedtime approaches will be the icing on the cake.

Your symbol: The Lion

Why it fits: There's something simultaneously dignified and dramatic about your sign, Leo, and the same goes for your symbol, the noble Lion. Whether you don a full mane or stick with ears and a tail, you'll pull the look off like no one else: regally and glamorously. And don't worry — those black cat ears you picked up at the last minute (no doubt because you had more important things to do) count, too.

Your symbol: The Virgin

Why it fits: This particular symbol is a product of its time. More contemporary astrologers have used the image of a nature goddess or harvest maiden to characterize this sign, but, any way you slice it, you come up with a costume that fits who you are and what you love: One that's earthy, quietly sensual, and, if you go all out, a fantastic DIY project.

Your symbol: The Scales of Justice

Why it fits: Dress up as your own spin on Lady Justice or give your papier mâché skills a challenge and create actual wearable scales. Either way, you'll emulate the nature of your symbol, fair and balanced, which, after all, are the traits you seek to embody in your life. Plus, you're bound to turn a few heads (which you won't mind) and strike up plenty of conversations (which is why you came to the party in the first place).

Your symbol: The Scorpion

Why it fits: Myths paint your symbol as purely vindictive, but that picture leaves out the undeniable air of mystery that surrounds the Scorpion — and, in turn, you. It's difficult to predict when (and how) you'll choose to strike and where your smarting blow will land, but you kind of like keeping people on their toes. Besides, only a darkly glam Scorp could rock a Scorpion-inspired headdress all night.

Your symbol: The Archer

Why it fits: The dynamic and adventurous image of an Archer fits your energetic sign to a tee, especially on a night like Halloween, which you're sure to spend in pursuit of the wildest, biggest party, aiming for maximum fun wherever you go. The Sagittarian Archer is sometimes depicted as a centaur, which could add an animalistic touch to your ensemble your fire sign will love.

Your symbol: The Goat

Why it fits: You're more complicated than you seem and so, too, is your symbol. While some astrologers characterize Caps as Goats and nothing more, others say they're specifically Mountain Goats or mythical Sea Goats. So, you have several options to choose from when selecting your costume, but all that matters is that you rock a set of horns that give you the confidence to keep all four hooves on the ground all night.

Your symbol: The Water Bearer

Why it fits: You may be an air sign, but the Water Bearer nevertheless appeals to your more ethereal, humanitarian side, Aquarius. You have your mysterious symbol to thank for your generosity and free-wheeling creativity. But, on a more practical note, swap out your water vessel for a pitcher of margs and you'll be the star of the party.

Your symbol: The Fish

Why it fits: You and the creature that represents you both love exploring unseen depths (figuratively and literally, respectively) and don't mind putting yourself out there in the open. You'll be the opposite of a fish out of water if you choose to rock some shimmering scales on Halloween. And, yes, if you're dying to be a mermaid for the umpteenth time, you have your dreamy sign's approval.
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