Follow These 9 Travel Instagrammers For The Best Virtual Escape

There's something completely magical about going on a trip, whether you're exploring foreign territory or completely immersing yourself in another culture. However, when real life gets in the way, living vicariously through other people's travel adventures on Instagram seems to be the next best thing.

Because your next vacation will always seem so far away, we've rounded up our favorite influencers in the travel space to bring you a steady dose of wanderlust when the work week is wearing you down. From lounging at infinity pools to conquering difficult hikes, these eight social-savvy women have our eyeballs — and envy.

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Lauren Bullen, @gypsea_lust
An Australian native traveling full-time with partner Jack Morris (@doyoutravel), Lauren Bullen's Insta-feed boasts a boatload of enviable around-the-world shots. Her expertly-curated Grams feature the pair in fierce fashion looks amidst the most sublime scenery imaginable — a.k.a. couple travel goals.
Anna Dawson, @theballoondiary
The fact that Dawson, a lifestyle blogger, is based in Paris is already enough to make us filled with envy. But, she also has a wanderlust-inducing Instagram feed of travel photos, never seen without her signature touch: A pink balloon in her hand.
Francesca, @onegrloneworld
Hailing from California, this travel guru has lived in three countries. She's even authoring the first English digital guide to Martinique. Judging from her amazing dispatches from tropical locales, we fully believe that she'd have good recommendations to share.
Melissa Legarda, @illumelation
Got a thing for beautiful sunsets? Then do yourself a favor and follow this travel blogger and journalist ASAP. The London-based Instagrammer takes full advantage of her location in Europe by taking weekend trips to picturesque destinations, such as Nice and Lisbon, to chase golden sunsets.
Méryl Denis, @meryldenis
This French travel blogger has made globetrotting her full-time job, but you'll mostly find her frolicking in a beach or chilling next to a waterfall.
Venus Wong, @venuswongisun
Call it a shameless plug, but as Refinery29's resident lifestyle contributor, I'm very lucky to be able to share my travel experiences on the site — and Instagram my adventures along the way. You'll find traveling musings and updates as I explore my new home city London, embark on weekend trips in European cities, and check off new Asian countries in my bucket list.
Melissa, @abrokenbackpack
This intrepid traveler has a slightly different approach to her body of work: Instead of employing an entourage of photographers to capture her at her most glammed up, she favors a DIY effort using a selfie stick. We're inspired by her commitment to solo long-term travel.
Trisa Taro, @trisataro
From the looks of her social media feed, this self-taught photographer is living her best life in sunny destinations, from Krabi to the Greek Islands. Follow her journey if you're craving a dose of Vitamin D.
Hayley Vincent, @hayleyvincent
This twenty-something influencer basically has the Instagram boyfriend arrangement of our dreams: She's in a relationship with Jacob Riglen, the director of content at @beautifuldestinations, a travel Instagram giant with close to 10 million followers. Riglen is the person behind the lens for most of her lust-worthy 'grams
Rach Stewart, @rachstewartnz
The New Zealand-based influencer works as a landscape photographer by trade, so she definitely knows her stuff. Expect lush snapshots of snow-capped mountains and the wilderness from her feed.
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