Mini Hoops To Buy When The Doorknocker Trend Is Too Much

As much as we love a good pair of extra-large hoops, sometimes we're in need of an earring that isn't big enough to fit our fist through. While doorknockers have become our preferred go-to, not every occasion calls for a larger-than-life accessory. But pushing aside statement earrings doesn't mean you're left with demure and simple — it's possible to find a piece that looks cool without weighing down your earlobes.

Instead of bigger and bolder, a smaller hoop is an opportunity to focus on the finer details, like added charms, new shapes, and maybe even a few gemstones. Mini hoops belong in a category all their own, because what they lack in size they make up for in personality. No, you don't need to stash your '00s revival hoops away for good, but the 30 itty bitty options ahead may convince you it's time to try something new. Hey, at least you won't have to worry about these snagging on anything, right?

Wolf & Moon Diamond Hoop Earrings, £26.00 Buy
Justine Clenquet Ada Earrings, €80.00 Buy
Lily Ashwell Gold Hoop Earring with Pearl, $175.00 Buy
Urban Outfitters Chunky Hoop Earring, $16.00 Buy
The Last Line Small Diamond Door Knocker Earring, $768.00 Buy
Somme Studio Lucia Earrings, $31.00 Buy
Madewell Wood-Hinge Hoop Earrings, $34.00 Buy
Topshop Red Inlay Hoop Earrings, $18.00 Buy
Vrai and Oro Lightweight Hoops, $85.00 Buy
J.Hannah Petite Venn Earring with Pavé, $798.00 Buy
Sorelle Ruby Hoops, $120.00 Buy
Coup Pearls & Clamps, $260.00 Buy
Drift Riot Pearl Hugs, $65.00 Buy
Sarah & Sebastian Large Optical Earring, $980.00 Buy
Saskia Diez Sky Holiday Earrings No1, €129.00 Buy
Britt Bolton Star Loop Stud Earrings, $150.00 Buy
Ileana Makri 18-karat Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings, $1,405.00 Buy
Anine Bing Gold Ball Hoop Earring, $129.00 Buy
Erica Weiner Roman Earrings, $80.00 Buy
& Other Stories Sweetheart Hoop Earrings, $17.00 $12.00, Buy
W. Britt Mini Decagon Earrings, $225.00 Buy
Loren Stewart Mini Disk Door Knocker Studs, $298.00 Buy
Modern Citizen 14K Gold Threaded Bead Hoop Earrings, $60.00 Buy
Tiffany & Co. Wire Hoop Earrings, $1,150.00 Buy
Simone Rocha Scalloped Hoop Earrings, $415.00 Buy
Alison Lou Enamel & Yellow-gold Heart Earring, $195.00 Buy
Winden Jewelry Meghan Earrings, $345.00 Buy
WWAKE Tonal Small Two-Step Hoops, $713.00 Buy
Bing Bang Little Hexagon Hoops, $68.00 Buy
Bagatiba 14k 303 Mini Hoops, $100.00 Buy
edited by Aretha Burke.
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