DIY Ombré Nails That Don't Require A Pro

The ombré craze may have first gained momentum with hair, but, like all trends, it's since spread to, well, everything. Lips, tips, brows — all have received the gradient treatment. Some didn't have as much staying power as others (lashes? seriously?), but we've been on board with multi-chromatic nails right from the beginning. We'll admit the look is due for a refresher, though, so we went ahead and gave it one.

With the help of nail-art extraordinaire Miss Pop, we amped up the ombré mani so it fades into a deep shade of plum, one of fall's biggest color trends. Best of all, it's crazy easy to DIY. The trick is to channel your inner artiste and mix your polishes with a topcoat (we paired three shades of purple with essie Gel Setter) for maximum shine. But don't feel boxed in to just one color family — once you've gotten Miss Pop's technique down, you can try it with any color in your collection, making every mani feel like a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Now, what else can we ombré...?

Written by Jada Wong and Yesenia Almonte, Nail expertise by Miss Pop, Makeup by Anna Pfleghaar, Styled by Haley Loewenthal, Photographed by Tom Chaves, Shot by Matt Donovan.

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