Fashion Influencer Phoebe Dahl Tells Younger Self About The Kick Ass Woman She Will Grow Up To Be

LoveMe is a series featuring LGBTQ thought leaders reading personal letters to their younger selves.

Phoebe Dahl is the creator of Faircloth & Supply, a charitable clothing company devoted to creating handcrafted basics. For every piece sold, a school uniform is donated to a young girl in Nepal.

Watch as Phoebe tells her younger self that one day, the need for outside reassurance will fade as she learns to be a kick ass woman. She'll discover that people care about what she has to say and that any fears she had of being loud will also one day vanish.

Our partners at IHI Therapy Center are dedicated to fostering personal growth free of traditional gender, sexual orientation, and cultural biases. For support, visit IHI Therapy Center.

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