New Year Hair Inspo, Courtesy of NYC Stylists

New year, new you. Forget that. We're talking new year, new 'do. Making resolutions — or rather, sticking to them — can be daunting. But, deciding on your look for 2015? Well, that doesn't have to be; not when we've called upon the city's top stylists to predict the coolest beauty trends.

"I think 2015, and the future at large, will be about ease," says Hairstory Studio stylist Wes Sharpton, who knows exactly what New York females want (and need) when it comes to their hair. "Women are very busy, and they've been convinced they need so much to look great. However, women...are starting to see through that. They don't want a haircut they have to blow out to look great, and they don't want a cluttered bathroom."

So, go ahead — declutter your shelves (you don't have the space, anyway), and treat yourself to the cut or color you've always wanted — nay, deserved.

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The Chin-Length Cut
"As 2014 is coming to an end, so is the mid-length blunt cut," Marie Robinson Salon stylist Melissa Felix says of the style seen on the likes of Taylor Schilling and Olivia Palermo this past year. "As we move into 2015, we can count on seeing this haircut move to an above-the-shoulder length, somewhere in between the chin and the shoulder."
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Raquel Martuscelli, stylist at Hell's Kitchen salon Hair Rules, agrees. "The fascination with chin-length hair from the Roaring '20s is back. This style is so versatile: It can be worn by women with all textures, and it looks great slicked back, wavy, deep-sided, or with a bouncy blow-out, as seen on Halle Berry."
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This past year, Martuscelli explains, everyone from Shailene Woodley to Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence rocked some variety of the cut. Woodley sported a slicked-back look; Stewart's textured look was accentuated with a deep side part; and Lawrence donned a loose, wavy style. Three completely different girls, three equally amazing ways to make it work.
Goodbye, Ombré!
Say sayonara to dip-dyed ends and locks that fade from dark to light. "Severe ombré is dying," Martuscelli explains. "Bold, solid colors (like the red on model Natalie Westling) and rich browns are strong." Afraid of going too bold? She recommends either chunkier highlights or peekaboo highlights coming from beneath as options for those one-color commitment-phobes.
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For color inspo, brunettes can look towards Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, or models Amanda Wellsh, Katlin Aas, and Josephine Van Delden. The keywords here are deeper, richer, and bolder — if you don't get your hair colored, now's the time to ask your stylist for a glaze that looks like your natural hue, just punched up a bit. It won't cost a crazy amount, and we guarantee it will make your eyes pop and warm up your complexion.
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Blondes, on the other hand, should pull tips from the light and bright hues of Rita Ora and Gwen Stefani. Sometimes, less really is more — a standout hue with very subtle, micro-highlights will be the way to go. (And, don't worry — roots will still look cool, but our pros are recommending staying more on top of your maintenance in 2015 to keep your hair looking modern.)
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Long & Straight
Hair-straightener loyalists, rejoice! If you miss ironing your locks stick-straight like you did in middle school, you're in luck. Martuscelli predicts the return of the flatiron in 2015. "Straight hair, [parted] dead center, is beautiful," she explains. But, fair warning: To pull off this style, your hair must be "hydrated and healthy." Stock up on lightweight, leave-in conditioners and thermal protectants to keep your strands from frying.
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To achieve healthier hair (and help prevent damage from factors like coloring or hot tools), of-the-moment colorist Roxie Darling at Hairstory Studio suggests a "shift away from shampoo," which she refers to as "the enemy of good color." "Hairstory's Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme will continue to revolutionize how we think about color — without detergent (which strips hair of natural oils and creates dryness), it protects color and returns [your locks] to a more natural, balanced state."
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The style was particularly popular on the Spring/Summer 2015 runways at Paris Fashion Week — it was spotted on models at Chanel, Chloe, Balenciaga, and Givenchy.
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The No-Cut Cut
"In 2015, I think you'll see more of the 'un-cut' cut on the streets — a cut that in shape and proportion doesn't look as though it's just been done, but rather, looks lived in," says Wes Sharpton. "But, [the style] has a definite line — it's not sloppy or hacked. At Hairstory, I get to create haircuts that people can wear and rely on without an epic blow-dry, five different tools, and 10 products."
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The best thing about a chop is that it works with pretty much any length or style. Want to keep your long locks? Go for it. Leaning more towards a lob? That works, too. You can add layers, bangs, different hues — it may be low-maintenance, but it's certainly not short on possibilities.
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"When I think about haircuts today, I always think about Diana Vreeland's quote, 'The eye must travel,'" Sharpton says. "I take that approach to my cuts. When there is something strategically off in one area, because the eye continually seeks balance, it will draw attention back to a given area of the face. Let's say I cut into the bangs over the eye; it will draw attention back to the eye. It's very carefully designed, and you must be in the hands of a good hairdresser for it not to look like a gimmick."
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The Frozen-Inspired Side Braid
Elsa has officially invaded the fashion and beauty worlds. You'd have to be living in a cave to be unaware of the phenomenon that is Frozen, but did you know that the princess of Arendelle is also a trendsetter? "I have seen [this style] everywhere, on both kids and adults," Martuscelli explains. "[It's] feminine, easy, and romantic."
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The off-to-the-side style is part grunge, part sophisticate, and can be translated for both day and night. Wear it while shopping, going to the gym, or running errands, or take more formal cues from celebrities like Chloë Grace Moretz, Shay Mitchell, and Whitney Port, who have all rocked the look on the red carpet.
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The best part about this messy, Elsa-esque look? You don't need to be a braiding pro to make it work. Practice makes perfect, and with a little help from our major hairstylist friends, you can get the task done right.
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The Half Top Knot
2014 may have been all about the high bun, but its days are numbered. "The messy bun has been replaced by the half-up, half-down top knot, which brings a sporty feel to any look," explains Felix. Remind you of something you saw on an early-aughts pop star? Yeah, us too.
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Martuscelli agrees that "the top knot has taken over." Looking forward to 2015, however, women — from Ariana Grande to Sienna Miller to Kate Mara — "are trying this different version of the style."
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Wondering how to get your baby bun looking more model-off-duty and less rolled right out of bed? It can be done in seven easy steps.
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All Slicked Back
A look fresh off the runway that we can't help but get behind. "Loose, slicked-back hair, or hair slicked to the side, is a very chic look," says Martuscelli of the style spotted at last season's Balmain, Cédric Charlier, Michael Costello, and Pringle of Scotland shows. Why does everyone love it? "It's simple and edgy."
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The best thing about slicked-back hair is that it's fairly hassle-free. Plus, it can be applied to any length, from mid-back to pixie cut.
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The slicked-back look can also be applied to ponytails and buns. Vogue wrote of the trend in September, when it was spotted not just on the runways of Fashion Week, but on fashion editors and style stars on the streets outside: "Whether parted down the middle à la Giovanna Battaglia, groomed into a deep side sweep like Jenna Lyons, or pulled into an aerodynamic ponytail in the style of Sofía Sanchez Barrenechea, the only rule seems to be the stricter, the better." Just be aware that this puts all of your features front and center, which can be a little intimidating at first. This is the time to pay attention to concealing your undereye circles and blemishes, applying highlighter to your cheekbones, and grooming your brows.
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Loose, Tousled Waves
That's right: The style favored by models off-duty and New York's finest It-girls is still here. "This sexy, feminine style," which already rose to popularity this past year with Beyoncé and Lily Aldridge, "will stick around going into 2015," says Martuscelli.
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The soft curls can be worn in many variations, she continues, such as with a middle, side, or deep side part, or completely down or pulled up in a loose ponytail. Basically, the options are endless.
Plus, since the look is "flowy and not weighed down by product," it can pretty much work on everyone (although it may require a bit more maintenance). "Women with straight, curly, wavy, or kinky hair can wear this style with proper styling or some extensions," Martuscelli explains. Hey, if Queen Bey can "wake up" like this, so can we. And, the best part? It's super easy to D.I.Y.
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Hand-Painted Hues
Are the days of the rainbow hair Chloe Nørgaard made famous officially behind us? According to Darling, they just may be. "For me, 2015 is about taking these crazy colors we've seen and creating more subtle, nuanced casts of them," the specialist explains. "[It's about] color that doesn't shock, but rather, makes you think."
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It's going to be a big year, in particular, for yellow-haired ladies, Darling explains. "As far as blondes are concerned, I'm excited to see some of the most beautiful hand-painting. The platinum trend is making way for gorgeous, natural shades (like model Sasha Luss' honey-colored locks) that require the precise placement of color."
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For those looking to keep their colors less traditional, you can replace the bright reds, oranges, and greens with the most gorgeous shades of grey, rose gold, and even purple that still pop — without blinding your eyes.
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The Natural-Hair Movement
It's probably the most significant beauty movement in decades: women embracing their natural texture — and exposing the lack of product availability, stylist education, and mainstream editorial inclusion while they are at it. The best part? The natural-hair community is only just getting started. "In 2015, more women will ditch their relaxers and extensions," explains Martuscelli. "They will embrace natural hair by keeping it healthy and properly cut for a gorgeous shape." And, thanks to the journalists, bloggers, and YouTube mavens who have made more information available, more salons and brands are making strides to catch up.
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There's no bigger poster girl for going au naturale than Solange herself. "Not only did Solange's wedding have people talking," Martuscelli continues, "but she looked gorgeous [rocking] her natural hair." Oh, and that killer jumpsuit.
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Looking to finally take the plunge next year? "Understanding how to take care of your hair while going natural is really the pot at the end of the rainbow," explains Hair Rules' expert Anthony Dickey. "Gone is the notion can’t be beautiful in its natural state."
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The Deep Side Part
The coolest cool-girl look on the block. "The deep side part or combover is extremely trendy...and sexy," according to Martuscelli (we particularly love it on Cara Delevingne). "This style, which can be worn either messy or smooth, is a very modern look for 2015."
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This style is perfect for those who just can't decide what 'do they're looking for. Do you tend to go for a middle part? A side part? Why not just go all the way and scoop everything over? It's perfect for second-day (okay, or third-day) hair, and it's easy enough to pull off without too much of a hassle.
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For some deep-part, high-fashion inspiration, look towards Jenny Packham, Ralph Lauren, or Georgia May Jagger in Elle magazine.
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The Braided Updo
"From cornrows to soft braids," Martuscelli says, "braided updos are having a comeback." The trend invaded red-carpet beauty on the likes of Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain, and Rashida Jones, and is bound to continue to evolve in its many forms. We also saw braided chignons pop up on the runways of Ralph Rucci and Tadashi Shoji, signaling a return to more demure, polished, and ladylike styles. And, unlike those Pinterest variations you see, this version is sleek, it's cool, and it leaves people to wonder, Just how did she do that?
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The best part about a braided updo is that it actually works best with unwashed hair. That's right — if your locks are a little bit greasy, that's a good thing.
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The opportunities for a braided updo are endless: from a modern crown braid to looped fishtail braids or a braided French twist. They may look like they took hours to put together, but actually, they're easy to D.I.Y.
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