The Best New Beauty Trends For Your Sign

As the great Fatman Scoop once asked, "What's your zodiac sign?" This is undoubtedly a question you'll answer enthusiastically, given your passion for our 2015 horoscopes, penned by the AstroTwins. Normally, horoscopes give you advice on love, your career, life issues, and even finance — all too often leaving beauty out of the picture.

Gloria Noto, a celebrity makeup artist who counts Shailene Woodley and Langley Fox Hemingway among her clientele, insists that makeup could also use some love from the celestial bodies. After all, if you're preparing for a year of love, shouldn't you have a go-to date lipstick? If you're headed for major career advancements, shouldn't you know how to do a beauty look that means serious business?

Noto is so passionate about all things astrology (seriously — she has signs tattooed all over her body) that we teamed her up with the AstroTwins' Tali Edut to come up with some zodiac-guided makeup inspiration for 2015. Click through to see the looks that are in your stars for the year. And, if you're hungry for more horoscope goodness, check out the AstroTwins' new book, the 2015 Planetary Planner. Cheers to this (hopefully) fabulous new year!

Photographed by David Cortes.
"2015 is much less about doing and more about attracting for this sign," says Edut. "This is a very spiritual year for Capricorn, but normally, they're the zodiac's most ambitious sign. They probably have a full wardrobe of businesswear. For 2015, Jupiter is in their eighth house, which is the sexiest part of the chart. Now's the time to work on refreshing that lingerie drawer and focus on wearing more black."

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Photographed by David Cortes.
"Since this year is all about attracting for Capricorn, I wanted the look to be bold and sexy to garner her that attention," says Noto. "That, coupled with the fact that black was their main color, drew me right to the eyes as the focal point."

Noto created a "sharp undereye line" that winged out dramatically on the outer corners, traced halfway to the bottom lashline, and then diverged, cutting diagonally toward the nose. "I created the line using a gel liner with a thick, flat angled brush," she explains. "Then, I set the application with a dark-plum eyeshadow to create a smoked-out look. To finish, I added a bit of white pencil to the inner corners of the eyes to create more depth."

As for the lips, a deep purple was only fitting to match the drama. "You want it to be ultra-precise and sharp, so use a brush," Noto suggests. A little bit of light contouring under the cheekbones enhanced the angular nature of the look. "Finish with a few layers of mascara, and then dust a little setting powder in the center of the face for a clean finish."
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Photographed by David Cortes.
"This is a very relationship-oriented year for Aquarius," says Edut. "They will go farther than they ever have in their partnerships. Their social lives will be very active, with a lot more time going out and a lot of nights on the town." This is good news, considering you're progressive types, who aim to shake things up and advance the world. Isn't it time you went forth boldly with your makeup, too?
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"Bright, bold colors are speaking to Aquarius for 2015, so we went with that!" says Noto. "I covered the whole eyelid with a neon-blue eyeshadow, using a flat synthetic brush to really pack on the pigment. Then, I grabbed an angled brush and added a neon-purple liner by adding a bit of water to my shadow."

With brights, it's best to stick to one focal point, so Noto added just a touch of a nude-pink lip pencil and kept the rest of the face and the eyebrows bare.

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Photographed by David Cortes.
In 2015, the dreamer of the zodiac will finally buckle down. "They will be paying their dues, but will see a lot of progress for their efforts — this is very much a year of career growth," Edut says. But, don't think this is all work and no play: "Jupiter will be in their house after August, so relationships will be big toward the end of the year."

What exactly does a fast-paced life mean for this creative type? "They want to come across as chic and professional," Edut says, "but they can't compromise on color. They should experiment with more muted hues, but still across the full spectrum."
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Translation? Pastels. "I wanted to emulate the scales of a fish when the light hits it just the right way," Noto says. "The sign is a dreamer, and is very gentle, so it's all about soft washes of color. I used a variety of MAC Pigments in metallic finishes to create gentle drama — I picked tones of purple, pink, and pale green, using a fluffy eyeshadow brush to create very thin layers. Then, I did one coat of mascara, and finished the face with a balm luminizer to highlight and give a dewy, fresh-from-the-water finish."
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"This is the 'ta-da' year for Aries," Edut says. "Jupiter is in their fame house until August, and the moon is in their global ninth house for three years, so it's a big year for growth and a great romantic year. There could be a baby, a proposal, or the best dating spree they've had in a long time."
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All of this exciting news calls for one thing: full-blown, all-out bombshell beauty — with a pop of "look at me" color. "She's the party girl!" Noto says. "We wanted the focus to be on the lips, so we kept the eye simple with just a smudge of black liner along the top and bottom, and tons of layers of mascara. Then, I layered the entire mouth with a magenta lip pencil and coated that with a matching longwear lip stain. She needs something that will last through her fast-paced lifestyle."
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"Taurus will play more behind-the-scenes this year," Edut says. "They will be developing their best work in private or at home. But, it's going to be a really sexy year also — just in a slow-burning way." That doesn't mean shying away from moodier colors: "There's a very seductive energy, so choose darker hues, like jewel tones, silver, and black."
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Photographed by David Cortes.
"Since there's a sense of calm and ease, I kept the entire face — lips, brows, cheeks — very simple and muted," Noto explains. "But, I wanted an element of surprise for that seductive feel. I made a play on the horns of the bull by creating a graphic shape to the outer edges of the eyes."

First, she thoroughly sharpened a black liner, and then sketched a tiny triangle "where the eyelid and the browbone meet." Then, she filled in with a fun purple eyeshadow. Finish with no-nonsense braids, and you're ready to conquer — quietly.

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Photographed by David Cortes.
"In 2015, Geminis will finally be ready to commit to a serious relationship in ways they haven't in a long time," Edut says. "Plus, Jupiter is in their social house for the first nine months, so they're going to want to be out and about! Geminis tend to wear a lot of black, but this year they should gravitate toward brights, like pink and maybe some neon. They love contrast, so they could even try two bright, contrasting hues."
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Photographed by David Cortes.
Sure, the two-toned lip seems a little intimidating, but 2015 is the Gemini's time to shine. Why hold back? "Contrast is fun, because it represents the duality of the sign," Noto says. "We went with pink because it's the color of love, and then I added red to the bottom. Then, I set both colors with a bit of translucent loose powder." As for everything else? Keep it simple! A little bit of mascara, a slightly defined brow, and dewy skin will look chic.

If this is a bit too much for you, bring out the duality elsewhere. Try experimenting with a two-toned eye look in bold colors, or even try a white liner on your upper lashes and blue on the bottom. Whatever you do, make sure you're having fun.

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Photographed by David Cortes.
2015 also means that Cancer will be heading back to work in a big way. "Jupiter is in your sign, so there's new change and new opportunity to get into a routine," Edut says. "Plus, Saturn is in your healthy living and work house for three years, so you're going to be at the gym a lot more."

But, what's an off-duty Cancer to do? "You'll want to make your home a sanctuary, and a beautiful space to entertain," Edut adds, suggesting warm colors in earthy tones, pale pinks, and neutrals.

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Photographed by David Cortes.
Noto interpreted this with a bit of bronzer on the face for a warmer complexion. As for the eyes, "I wanted to play on the shell concept," she explains. "So, I emulated the ocean by using a loose orange pigment on the eyelid, creating an oval shape and rimming the top and bottom lids with a small, round shadow brush. Then, I added a little bit of pale-green powder right where the eyelid meets the browbone, taking it down the center and straight to the lashline."
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Photographed by David Cortes.
"Jupiter is with this sign until August 11, so it's all about expansion. They are ready to let that freak flag fly," Edut says. (You heard the woman!) "It's all about making a bold splash — turning heads, but making sure they use that power to direct people to a cause they believe in." (Does lipstick count?) As for colors, you should be thinking winter whites, red, gold, and anything metallic. All eyes are on you.

Moschino top.
Photographed by David Cortes.
"This look needed to be a full roar," Noto says. "So, I used a metallic, red-brown liner on the waterline and top lashes, and smoked it out with a small brush. Then, I took an eyeshadow in a similar color and buffed it out into the lid, creating an elongated cat-eye shape, [and added] a dark-gold shadow to the inner corner." As for the lips, a classic slick of crimson did the trick — drama on both eyes and lips demands a second glance.
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Photographed by David Cortes.
"For Virgo, this is a year about letting go, healing, and preparing for Jupiter to finally arrive in August for a fresh start," Edut says. "Jupiter will arrive in their sign for the first time in over a decade, so it's kind of their big year — a launching time. This will be about taking time off, working from home, and going behind the scenes until the fall."

You can also do soul-searching in front of the mirror, but Edut insists on keeping things muted. "I see Virgo wandering around Bali in washed-out fabrics — think grays, and a dreamy state. They're preparing for a fresh start."

H&M dress; Holst + Lee ear cuff.
Photographed by David Cortes.
"For this introspective year, I wanted a minimal look with a focus on gray hues," Noto says. "So, I used a cream shadow in the inner corners of the eyelids, bringing it up and into the brow, and kept the rest of the lid completely clean. I kept the rest of the face bare, with just a little bit of contouring on the outer temples and cheekbones, but gave the bow of the lip a silver highlight to match the eyes."
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Photographed by David Cortes.
"This is a very social year for Libra. Their popularity is definitely on the rise, but they need to be more selective about who they let into their circle," says Edut. "It's all about teamwork — collaborating, working in a group, and combining their talents." For colors, that means brights and metallics — futuristic elements. "Think cutting-edge, on-the-go, and being willing to really wear the wacky stuff."

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Photographed by David Cortes.
"Since yellow is a strong Libra color this year, I wanted to give warmth and depth on the eye with a bold balancing act," Noto says. "So, there's a slight '60s Space-Age homage with a yellow eyeliner in a graphic, disconnected cat-eye shape. I created an exaggerated cat-eye along the lashline and created a semicircle from the inner corner of the eye, tracing along the socket. After, we decided to punch up the lips with a purple-based stain for a bit of fun. Just apply the color to the center of the lips and blot using a tissue, repeating that process until there's a wash of color."
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Photographed by David Cortes.
"Saturn, the taskmaster, has finally left this sign — it put them through boot camp, so they're stronger, faster, and ready to accomplish something big," Edut says. "This is a money-making year, for sure! There will be a lot of focus, but Scorpios should also allow themselves to enjoy the finer things. Have some VIP-room time and go high-end!"

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Photographed by David Cortes.
"Scorpios are a sexy sign, but they're never exceptionally showy," Noto, a Scorpio herself, explains. "Oranges and greens are big colors for us this year, so I wanted to incorporate that into the eye in a subtle way." That meant applying an emerald liquid liner underneath the bottom lashes, from the inner corner all the way out to the outer, for a reverse cat-eye. "Then, there's a light dusting of orange shadow on the lid," she says. "After, I applied an orange lip lacquer with my fingertips to give a stain to the mouth." Finish with mascara and comb the brows, and you're ready for a very beautiful payday.
Photographed by David Cortes.
"This sign is in cosmic boot camp — they get Saturn for three years. This means a lot of slow, steady growth and cleaning house: putting in new structures, and letting go of things that just don't work anymore," Edut says. "This is new, because Sags can be very 'live for the moment!' Still, you'll be traveling a lot in the first eight months of the year, because there's a desire to do things that are enterprising. This is a time to upgrade, learn discipline and open-mindedness, and be a bit more practical."

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Photographed by David Cortes.
"Red is a big color for Sagittarius this year, to give them a bit of a glam factor, so we wanted to incorporate that into the lips and cheeks," Noto explains. "To flush the cheeks, I applied a cream blush generously to the apples. Then, I dabbed a red-plum lipstick into the mouth using my fingers for a sort of worn-off, lived-in look." As for the eyes, she contoured them using taupe shadows and neutral grays placed in the crease. "Because the look has drama, I filled in the brows a lot, and then brushed them up for more volume."
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Photographed by David Cortes.
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