One Simple Step That Will Make Your Hair So Much Shinier

We don't care how many stylists swear by it, we are not doing a cold rinse at the end of every shower. (It's still freezing out, people!) In fact, for the sacrifice it requires, scientists have found that it's actually not all that effective anyway. You know what is? Shine rinses. Unlike an in-salon gloss treatment, shine rinses only require a few extra, warm minutes under the faucet — and render real results.

We’re not the only ones smitten. Celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin, who recently opened a namesake salon in Beverly Hills, calls shine-boosting rinses “the best in-between salon visit you can do for highlights and color treated hair. You get an immediate smoother look and definitely create a healthier sheen.”

One tried-and-true method: Reach for a vinegar-based shine rinse. “Apple cider vinegar balances out the hair’s pH level that may have been compromised by products, color, and hair tools,” Antin explains. “It also contains clarifying properties and is a great detangler; It’s packed with nutrients, like vitamins, B, C, and potassium.”

For those looking to boost shine and reduce frizz, a thicker formulation may be required. “Vinegar is acidic and will close down the cuticle creating a flatter surface which increases the reflective quality of the hair," says Color Wow founder Gail Federici. “However, it won't increase the silkiness of the hair, which is [often] a desired result for people with frizzy hair.”

To combat frizz and dullness, try a shine rinse made to resemble in-salon glosses by mimicking the hair’s lipid barrier or coating strands for a swingy-slip. Marc Mena, a celebrity stylist at Warren-Tricomi Salons, calls out these thicker formulations as, “a great way to achieve that extra shiny, salon-finished look at home, super fast. Basically, the clear gloss coats the hair and in three minutes you have glassy, mirror like shine.”

Check out the pros' favorite shine rinses, ahead.

Though this formula requires a bit of cumbersome mixology — a few capfuls of rinse must be diluted in a larger glass of water, then applied to hair — its ingredient list couldn't be more straightforward: organic apple cider vinegar, chamomile, rosemary, calendula flower, green tea, nettle extracts, and organic lemon and lime peel oil all help create hair that looks filtered by the sun.

John Masters Organics Herbal Cider Hair Clarifier & Color Sealer, $17, available at DermStore
Swap out your conditioner for this thick shine rinse, which made our hair smooth and bright (like fresh-from-a-blowout smooth and bright) without additional styling products. Though silicones are used to achieve the effect, this formula managed not to weigh down our tester's fine hair.

IGK Hair Expensive Amla Oil Hi-Shine Topcoat, $29, available at Sephora
This rinse (Marc Mena’s pick) is designed to work like an in-salon gloss treatment — without having to clock time in the chair. Use it as a deep, 20-minute mask once a week, or more frequently as a three-minute rinse after conditioning.

John Frieda Luminous Glaze Clear Shine Gloss, $9.99, available at Ulta Beauty
This formula easily ranks as one of our favorites in the bunch: When sprayed on damp hair like a leave-in conditioner, it not only adds shine, but gives hair body and a touch of lived-in texture, too.

AG Hair Care Remedy Apple Cider Vinegar Leave On Mist, $26, available at Ulta Beauty
With vinegar as a second ingredient and chamomile to target blonde hair, this rinse (made to be used in the shower after shampooing) not only smoothes the hair shaft to give the illusion of brighter blonde, but it works as a detangler, too.

Klorane Vinegar Shine Rinse With Chamomile, $18, available at Sephora
Swap out your conditioner for this shine-enhancing formula, which has clarifying Acerola Cherry vinegar and hydrating Vitamin B5 to smooth the cuticle and make strands gleam.

Rene Furterer Lumicia Enhancing Shine Rinse, $21, available at Rene Furterer
This leave-in luster-maker is the overscheduled individual's answer to an in-salon gloss treatment: It fights frizz and dullness by mimicking the hair’s own lipid layer — a translucent, nanometers-wide coating that makes our hair look shiny — by bonding to each strand’s surface for added slip and shine.

Color Wow Coconut Cocktail Bionic Tonic, $24, available at Color Wow
This rinse is a godsend for those with curly hair and/or sensitive scalps. Use the targeted dispenser to squeeze the liquid onto the scalp. The apple cider vinegar and soothing tea tree oil clears away product buildup and flakes, while Shea butter hydrates for bouncy curls.

Cantu Apple Cider Vinegar Root Rinse, $4.99, available at Target
If you've got colored hair, you can replace this new Redken launch with either your shampoo or conditioner once a week. The citric acid purges product residue and seriously ups shine.

Redken Color Extend Vinegar Rinse, $24.00, available May 2018.
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