8 Fresh Roll-On Fragrances To Stash In Your Belt Bag This Summer

Unlike your tiny travel shampoo or your TSA-safe micro-tube of toothpaste, there's something low-key sexy about a rollerball perfume. More than just a carry-on essential (because no one is getting their full-sized bottle of Gucci Bloom through airport security), you can slip a skinny glass bottle into the side pocket of any purse for an instant refresh when you're standing at the crosswalk on a warm morning, or trying to shake off that stale airplane feeling before heading straight from hotel room to dinner.

Another plus: The baby size means a lower price point, so you can experiment with your fragrance without splurging on the full-size. And while we're waxing poetic, let's acknowledge the simple, luxurious ritual of rolling perfume onto your skin instead of spritzing it into the air to dash through on your way out the door.


Ahead, we've put together the best travel-sized fragrances to shop before the hottest season is upon us. Whether you want to smell like a walk on the beach in crisp white jeans and a nautical striped sweater, or like you bathe in cold milk and rosewater à la Cleopatra, we have a rollerball perfume worthy of your May getaway... or just your Thursday evening run to the grocery store.

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One part clean and two parts comfort, this Fresh Laundry scent smells like snuggling up under crisp, cool, air-dried cotton sheets for the perfect post-beach catnap.
Clean Fresh Laundry Rollerball, $24.00 Buy
As gorgeous as the lavender-printed glass bottle would lead you to believe, this blackcurrant-and-wild iris fragrance — which was inspired by the beauty and grace of Maya Angelou — is the most elegant date-night perfume to end all date-night perfumes.
Tocca Maya, $27.00 Buy
Despite the girlish rose tinge to the glass bottle, this rollerball is surprisingly sensual. The top notes are faintly sweet, like berries, but it dries down to release jasmine and amber undertones that make it the perfect pick for the first Saturday of spring, when you don't really know where the afternoon will take you.
Burberry Burberry Her Eau de Parfum Rollerball, $29.00 Buy
The peony hits you right away in this classic feminine floral, but the spicy black pepper hiding underneath keeps the scent from going powdery.
Stella McCartney Stella Peony Rollerball, $25.00 Buy
Who wouldn't want to smell like a lazy afternoon on the boardwalk? Zesty pink pepper mixed with lemon hints at sea spray without being salty, and ylang ylang and coconut milk give a whiff of Banana Boat sunscreen without the sticky feel. It's beachy and smells like summer in all the right ways — and not at all artificial or cliché.
Maison Margiela ’REPLICA’ Beach Walk Rollerball, $28.00 Buy
If your rosé is actually frosty frosé and your rooftop garden bar looks more like an overcrowded frat party on the first warm weekend, this cutesy version of Gucci Bloom — plus a burst of green for this youthful take on the original — may be the semblance of sophistication you need to get through the next rowdy day drink.
Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori Eau de Tolilette Rollerball, $34.00 Buy
Like catching a whiff of a coconut cream-filled croissant in the morning, this fragrance is a shot of sweetness that quickly dries down to a soft vanilla and leaves you wanting more.
Lavanila Vanilla Coconut Roller-Ball, $16.00 Buy
With warm and spicy top notes, you'd think this scent would be more of a wintery curl-up-by-the-fire sort of fragrance. But the unexpected hints of tiare blossom, sandalwood, and Thai ginger make it surprisingly wearable for springtime.
NEST Fragrances Cocoa Woods Rollerball, $27.00 Buy
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