Bring These Desserts To Thanksgiving & Become Everyone's Favorite Relative

Ah, Thanksgiving. A time to get together with friends and family and be quietly competitive about who brings the best dish. After all, the innuendos and whispered comments around the best way to prepare cranberry sauce and whether or not Aunt Betty's mac and cheese is as good as the mashed potatoes is as much a sport as the post-turkey football viewing.

So, understandably, it can be intimidating to pick a dish to contribute to your family get-together (or even Friendsgiving if you have foodie friends). Never fear: we have eight recipes that will be sure to impress even the most opinionated of relatives.

From show-stopping desserts to contributions appropriate for a sideboard of sweets, there's something here for every get-together – and every sweet tooth.

Mini Cinnamon Roll Apple Pies
 These mini pies will be an instant Turkey Day hit.
No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake
Cocoa Pebbles make the perfect no-bake crust (and are a huge victory for all of us who were denied the sugary cereals of our dreams as kids).
Poached Pear Parfait
Gently cooked in spiced wine, this is a perfect warming, late-fall meal-ender.
Apple Pie Parfait
For a smaller crowd, single-serve desserts that are still easy to assemble will impress.
Photo: courtesy of Lovely little kitchen.
Dutch Apple Pie Cookies
If making a whole pie is intimidating, go with cookies that will still be good with a scoop of ice cream on top.
Photo: Courtesy of Pinch of Yum.
Pumpkin Bundt Cake
All cake is really good for breakfast, but a slice of leftover pumpkin bundt cake would be especially good with a cup of coffee before early morning Friday shopping.
Photo: Courtesy of My Name Is Yeh.
Carrot Cake With Hawaij & Tahini Caramel Frosting
This show-stopper will have everyone talking until you are asked to make it again next year.
Photo: Courtesy of My Lovely Life.
Flourless Chocolate Cake
Is there ever a time chocolate cake isn't in season?
Photo: Courtesy of Damn Delicious.
Easy Homemade Toffee
Not up for a full dessert course? Put out nice homemade toffee in a tin and people will suddenly find the room for more food.
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