Do The Responsible Thing & Gift These Sustainably Made Home Goods

Furnishing a home is plenty difficult even without considering the degree to which your decor purchases are fueling the rapid demise of the planet. But here's the thing: Whether or not you're ready to outfit your living room entirely in locally grown hemp, you still ought to start somewhere.

That's why this year, we're vowing to gift more sustainably in the home-goods realm. We're talking products built of eco-friendly, recyclable, or compostable materials and crafted under ethical, fair-trade policies — all of which can be hard to find among the hoards of big-box-retailer gifts on display in store windows and advertised in ad slots on your browser pages. 


So where should you look? Ahead, we've rounded up a series of home-decor gifts we love from verifiably sustainable, PayPal-backed businesses. Shop them all, then give yourself a pat on the back for demonstrating more social responsibility than your friends (and, you know, saving the planet).

This framed, geometric piece of art was block printed by fair-trade artisans in Jaipur, India (with natural black and rose dyes).

Block Shop Mr. People Person Woodblock Print$600.00 Buy
The rule of threes is important: This hand-poured beeswax candle, nestled between jars of Bee Raw's estate-grown white tea and orange-blossom honey, will dress up any vacant surface.

Bee Raw Tea Retreat$52.00 Buy
Before you doth protest, know that this chocolate is, in fact, a home decor item. Behold: the Askinosie tasting kit. It's like the 2020 edition of a board game for holiday entertaining, with carefully recorded tasting steps, a flavor wheel, and four bars of sustainably packaged, ethically made chocolate.
Askinosie Chocolate Tasting Kit$32.00 Buy
FYI, this is a tiny raccoon. Max, as he's called, is made up of organic cotton and stuffed with washable polyfill.

Hazel Village Max Raccoon$54.00 Buy
The sweetest stocking stuffer there ever was: additive-free, Buckwheat honey packaged in post-consumer paper and glass.
Bee Raw Raw Washington Buckwheat Honey$15.00 Buy
Made with organic, hand-dyed cotton, this vibrant coral throw pillow from Block Shop is an easy, go-to statement piece.
Block Shop Palace Pillow$105.00 Buy
As the ancient proverb goes, there is no such thing as enough tote bags. So not only does this candle, hand-poured by female refugees at Prosperity Candle, make for an excellent home gift, but it also comes packed in a reusable tote woven by female artisans at CORR - The Jute Works in Bangladesh.
The Little Market Curated Gift Bag - Ho Ho Ho$46.00 Buy
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