How To Keep Your Skirt From Twisting Around / Riding Up / Ruining Your Life

Ji Oh Sweater.

A skirt that does not stay in place is a skirt that is not worth wearing. You've seen that girl — you've been that girl — who has the world's cutest A-line mini on, and the row of center buttons is definitely not in the center. It's as if those skirts were haunted by a ghost that just doesn't want you to have a good time; the invisible hand spins them around as soon as you drop your guard.

This is a plight of all skirt-wearers, but we've found that if you fold your tights over the top of your skirt, that sucker will stay put. Similarly, if your skirt is haunted by The Riding-Up Ghost, this is a handy way to exorcise that as well.

Too hot to wear tights? Bike shorts or high-waisted underwear works, too. Watch the video above to see this trick in action.

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