The Prettier Way To Shorten Your Tank Top Straps

With tank top straps (especially on beaters; especially, especially on camisoles), a inch can mean the difference between having a regular time, just hanging out, enjoying your company and yourself and your surroundings...and having the Worst. Time. Ever. You know what we're talking about: That constant paranoia that your strap is going to slide off your shoulder and have you participating in #freethenipple without even meaning to. It's annoying and a bother, and no one has time for that.

The key to strap security lies in turning your straps into a racerback. You could use a string, or you could even use a clip or pin. But we think the most unexpectedly elegant thing you could do is to use a long, fluid ribbon to cinch it together. Not only will you be able to stop monitoring any inadvertent flashing disasters, but you'll also end up with a top that other people might be fooled into believing is Lanvin. Win-win.

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