6 Scorpios Sound Off On Their Sign’s “Edgy” Reputation

Scorpios are all kinky, sarcastic, and totally obsessive. Now that we have your attention, let's be serious. Maybe it's because they're hard to get to know. Maybe it's because they're born during a time of year that we already associate with all things spooky and macabre. Whatever the reason, people with only a passing understanding of astrology tend to paint this sign with a broad brush.

As a group, Scorps are more than what they seem, but there's always a chance that some individual members of this sign actually see themselves in these more general descriptions — or, at least they know how to spin them. So, we took to the astrological corners of Reddit to find out what real people with Scorpio placements think of themselves.

Read on to discover how six Scorps square their personalities with their sign's reputation.

We just don't give a shit how we look.

"Scorpio rising here. That emotionless face is something I carry all the time. People who look directly at me notice I will make eye contact back directly with a dead face. And it's true, we do want deeper connections. It seems as if we want others to make that connection, though. We won't express ourselves unless someone else does, and we reciprocate in a respectable manner. Because Scorpio is very introspective, we're constantly in our heads and we forget others can see us, too, or we just don't give a shit how we look to others."

-Reddit user Kinkybearcat

I'd never give up being a Scorpio.

"I think a Scorpio's best trait is not fitting into any mold. It's a bit of a paradox to be so inherently unique while desiring the sense of belonging that a relationship or good group of friends can give you.

"I don't think many Scorpios are loners by choice, it's just the lifestyle that fits us best. We refuse to sacrifice any part of our personality just to fit in somewhere, and I think that's what makes us great.

"If you're struggling with who you are under this sign, that's a good thing. We ask ourselves the questions no one else will; we strive to be better and overcome the negative traits we possess... I hate it, but I'd never give up being a Scorpio."

-Reddit user Ohmbatek

We are so strong and resilient.

"My Scorpio traits were first brought to my attention in high school when I had a really passionate relationship with someone, and they called me 'crazy' when we fought. I used to be so ashamed of my 'reactor core' until I realized that, even though most people cannot handle it, I love that part of myself. We are so strong and resilient and capable of whole-hearted love and I don't want anything less than that... I have tried to stop myself from reacting the way my Scorpio side is inclined to, but I have only been successful in toning it down a bit. We are definitely not easy people to be with and I'll be surprised if I find someone who is able to deal with it, but I'm okay with that."

-Reddit user moonlightbb

It's never shallow.

"I'm a Scorpio with seven points there: three conjunctions and the ascendant. It's never easy, but it's never shallow, whatever it is."

-Reddit user beekeep

Scorpio is one of the most healing and expansive signs.

"I have Venus and Pluto in Scorpio... Scorpio is one of the most healing and expansive signs for me personally... Every Scorpio that I have ever met or been close with or worked with has brought some kind of transformation and healing and expansion to me life. So I really love them and this time of year, to say the least."

-Reddit user rachiedoubt

Things do get better as we mature.

"Being a Scorpio is generally good, especially once you've grown up a bit and matured. I've learned how important it is to channel our intensity towards work or a hobby rather than a person. We want people to ask us what's wrong, yet when they do we tend to shut everyone out because we know they can not help us and that is the problem. We always prevail from our struggles but rarely without any casualties.

"It's not healthy for us to engage in long, drawn-out emotional battles with people, because once we are in that mode, we lose control in a way. I think that is why we say such hurtful things, to try and bring those instances to a halt. We end up saying things that we can't take back but we do get our intended result for that moment. We don't have to let off nuclear bombs just so we can retreat.

"Things do get better as we mature and contain our intensity. One of the greatest traits that I think we Scorpios have is empathy."

-Reddit user OlderScorp

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