Our Hilarious Guide To Updating Your Résumé Is So Relatable

The RIOT series How to Get A Job focuses on the, ahem, finer points of job-searching. In the second episode, our host Mitra Jouhari guides us through that crucial first step: building a résumé. She answers the more important questions, such as: How do you spin that camp counselor gig into something that sounds way more professional? And what skills can you put on your résumé? (Hint: Wearing your retainer even after a drunken night out does not count.)

Building a résumé is serious business — it can feel like your career hopes hinge on that tiny piece of paper. But never fear! There are always ways to punch it up and make your past experience look like the work of a seasoned employee. After all, in the words of Jouhari, in the job search, you're both the pimp and the whore.

And while we totally relate to the sneaking suspicion that your job application is just going into a shredder after you send it out, a good résumé is a step you can't skip. Check out our less funny (but way helpful) real tips for updating your résumé for more info.

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