9 Mermaid Makeup Ideas For Halloween That Are Far From Basic

There are a few Halloween costumes that fall under the "classics" category — think: witches, nurses, black cats, and mermaids. No matter what trendy memes or award-winning movies everyone is planning to recreate on October 31, these are the tried-and-true options that never feel outdated. Now, some might say dressing up as a mermaid for Halloween is boring, but we disagree; it's all about making it your own. And there's a reason mermaids are one of Pinterest's top costume searches, even in 2019.

From pearls and seashells to glitter scales, there's lots of room for creativity. You could go more modern à la Nicole Kidman in Aquaman, or you could keep it classic Little Mermaid (channeling Halle Bailey's 2020 version of Ariel, of course). Better yet, you can create something all your own.


So that you can see just how artistic this mystical getup can get, we've rounded up all the mermaid makeup inspiration you need, ahead.

Iridescent blushes and eyeshadows are essential for any mermaid interpretation. Bring the color from your cheekbones up to your hairline, draping the side of your face. Then, add a similar shade to your brows to keep with the colorful theme.
Pearls are crucial when you're creating a sea-themed costume. Case in point: James Charles.
The trick to getting this scale pattern is putting fishnet stocks over your face and dusting shadow through the holes.
... or, you can draw them on with colorful eyeliner.
Let your imagination run wild — hey, it's Halloween. Go to your local craft store and snag sequins and paper shells to create an eye-catching look this like.
For a more subtle approach to the mermaid theme, turn up the shine level with metallic flakes to stick on your lips and face.
Want to create a mermaid costume that is less literal? Create a rippled-water effect across your face with touches of glitter that brings to mind the waves at the beach.
Is your life motto "Go hard or go home?" Well, get inspired by this look that has all the statement-making essentials: pearls, a white wig, a crown, and purple lipstick.
Halloween calls for scary vibes, and if that's what you're looking for then add some fake blood to your mermaid look.

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