This Beauty Look Is A Total Throwback, Yet Timeless

If you're like beauty vlogger Caroline Solomon, a.k.a. Lowcheekbones, you find inspiration for your next look everywhere. That moment of clarity might come when you're looking at a new Instagram filter, or it might come when you look down at your decades-old Uggs.

You can achieve this glamorous yet down-to-earth, Ugg-inspired look in just a few easy steps. First, you're going to want to cover your face with a chestnut spray to really capture the Ugg's brown-tannish hue. After donning a cotton ball headpiece to represent the soft fluff inside the iconic boots, break out your best dirt. With a little earth sprinkled on your cheeks, all you need to complete your face is some sea salt (replicating the sidewalk salt on your actual winter shoes), and you're done! This is the perfect day look — but it can also work for a night out with the right accessories.

If you're looking for more surprising tutorials, check out Lowcheekbones' Instagram. And for more hilarious YouTube videos, head to Refinery29's Riot.

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