We Tried Jaclyn Hill's New Nude Lipsticks — & Here's What We Think

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Over the last few years, the beauty industry has put a massive spotlight on inclusivity. But, so far, the focus has been on foundations. While brands are coming out with shade expansions and launching brand-new foundation lines with 50+ shades, there's still room for improvement in other cosmetic categories — like lipstick.


Most lipstick collections only have a handful of nude shades, making it difficult for many women to find their perfect match. That's why YouTuber Jaclyn Hill decided to create her own range of lipsticks, and all 20 shades are nude. "I just wanted to create a line where when you line them up, yeah they all look similar but they're all so different," says Hill in her announcement video. "They're all made for a certain skin tone."

With Hill having over six million YouTube subscribers, it's no surprise that there has been a lot of conversation around this launch. While some shades are selling out and receiving rave reviews on the Jaclyn Cosmetics site, there has also been backlash, with disappointed fans posting photos of brand-new lipsticks that arrived broken, melted, or with defects in the formula.

Hill responded to a customer who called the lipstick "lumpy," saying, "I have not seen one other person complain about this & I take my reviews very seriously. It’s obvious the lipstick was used (you could see other product on top) and since her first review was great, it’s hard to know the actual issue." Later, she added, "If you have seen any other issue like this, please send with photos & I will OF COURSE address it. I’m sorry if I come off defensive, truly!"

With all the buzz around the launch, we decided to put these nude lipsticks to the test on different skin tones. Read 11 Refinery29 editors' first impressions, ahead.

Editor's Note: We received the lipstick samples directly from the Jaclyn Cosmetics brand and did not experience the same formula and delivery complaints expressed by a number of consumers. As of June 13, Jacyln Cosmetics has halted production to address the complaints. We will continue to monitor the situation and update our stories as more information emerges.


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I Tried: Perfectionist

The Verdict: "I have a bad habit of doing bold eyes and bold lips, which I’ve been told is a makeup no-no. With this lipstick, I'm finally able to add that much-needed balance into the equation in the form of nude lips. While the formula is pretty thick (which I actually like) and can be a little sticky (which I don't), it feels really cool to put on a lipstick that is the exact color of my lips… but, you know, better. I believe my exact reaction when I first applied it was, “whoa.” I don’t really like the way my lips look without lipstick, so this is ideal for those minimal makeup days. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, those nights when I wanna go ham with the glitter eyeshadow." — Cait Munro, Lifestyle Editor
Jaclyn Cosmetics SO RICH LIPSTICK - Perfectionist$18.00 Buy
I Tried: Fussy

The Verdict: "I wear lipstick basically every day. Usually I stick to a liquid formula because of the long-wear reliability and lack of color transfer. In general, I worry that solid lipsticks will smear, causing me to reapply more often than I like. However, I really enjoyed this lipstick. The formulation is really rich and creamy, which feels nourishing. I also like that there’s a sheen without it being too shiny. I think this nude may move into my regular lipstick rotation." — Maria Jiā Líng Pitt, Creative Assistant
Jaclyn Cosmetics SO RICH LIPSTICK - Fussy$18.00 Buy
I Tried: Bada$$

The Verdict: "Ever since I read an article about the shade of your nipple being the perfect shade of nude lipstick, I have been using my boobies as a good rule of thumb. On that note, this shade is the perfect shade of brown, it's a bit deeper than my natural skin tone, so it doesn't wash my face out, but complements it. Plus, I love how balmy the lipstick feels overall." — Channing Hargrove, Fashion Writer
Jaclyn Cosmetics SO RICH LIPSTICK - Badass$18.00 Buy
I Tried: Obsessed

The Verdict: "Usually I’m more of a lip balm kinda gal, but this nude lip might have converted me. This lip looks so incredibly natural on me. Although I found myself having to reapply it, I love the color and I could definitely see it becoming part of my everyday makeup routine. If you’re looking for a low-key lipstick, then this is the one for you." — Katie Cruz, Associate Social Media Editor
Jaclyn Cosmetics SO RICH LIPSTICK - Obsessed$18.00 Buy
I Tried: Cheeky

The Verdict: "I love the formula of this lipstick. It is really creamy and pigmented. It only took 1-2 swipes to get full opacity. As I wore it throughout the day, it didn't bleed and wore down nicely. I like this color but I think it would look better if I added a darker lip liner, because it was almost too nude for me. It went on slightly lighter than I thought when initially looking at the bullet. But since there are so many colors in the range, I can easily find a darker color." — Meghal Janardan, Digital Producer
Jaclyn Cosmetics SO RICH LIPSTICK - Cheeky$18.00 Buy
I Tried: Isla

The Verdict: "I have to admit that I didn't get the idea of a lipstick that more or less matched your exact lip color. If I'm making the effort to put a product on, don't I want to see it? After swiping on this formula, I stand corrected. First of all, let's talk about the shade. I've never had a lipstick match the color of my lips so expertly, with just a hint of mauve-y pink that's not too Barbie-ish. The formula itself is rich and creamy, so it felt like a treat for my lips. While it did transfer to my coffee cup, it added a lovely tint to my lips all day long." — Rachel Lubitz, Senior Beauty Writer
Jaclyn Cosmetics SO RICH LIPSTICK - Isla$18.00 Buy
I Tried: That Girl

The Verdict: "Let me just say, this lipstick is GOOD. Though I’m not 100% sure that this is my perfect nude shade, I loved it nonetheless. It’s nice and creamy, and when applied over a lip balm — a must no matter what lipstick, gloss, or stain I’m wearing — it didn’t feel drying at all." — Hannah Bullion, Associate Social Media Editor
Jaclyn Cosmetics SO RICH LIPSTICK - That Girl$18.00 Buy
I Tried: As If

The Verdict: "I LOVE this color. It’s so natural and pretty and added the perfect final touch to my glowy, minimal makeup look.. The texture could have been a little creamier, but overall, I'm very pleased!" — Mary Paige Nesfeder, Associate Social Media Editor
Jaclyn Cosmetics SO RICH LIPSTICK - As If$18.00 Buy
I Tried: Sofia

The Verdict: "When it comes to 'nude' lipstick, my picks always lean towards pink. I've never really found a true nude that didn't make me look, well, dead — until this collection. The shade Sofia looks like a better version of my exact lip color. As for the wear, it wasn't particularly long-lasting, but it was comfortable and hydrating enough that I didn't mind having to reapply it. While I wouldn't wear this on a day where I need durability, it's definitely earned a spot in my makeup bag." — Thatiana Diaz, Beauty Writer
Jaclyn Cosmetics SO RICH LIPSTICK - Sofia$18.00 Buy
I Tried: Hot Toddy

The Verdict: "Something about this lipstick reminds me of the weighty tubes I used to steal off my grandma’s vanity to play dress up, but that sense of nostalgia also calls to mind quality. The texture is thick and creamy, too — kind of like the old Fashion Fair formulas the matriarchs in my family would use.

"The color is very similar to my skin tone with just a slight pink undertone. However, you definitely need a dark brown lip liner to give the mouth a little definition with this shade, because the match is so close that it can feel a little cadaver-esque. I will say: The formula doesn’t have any staying power. It comes off on pretty much everything. So, this is one of those look-cute lipsticks that you wear to an office meeting, not the summer BBQ where you’ll be eating burnt hot dogs." — Jessica Cruel, Deputy Beauty Director
Jaclyn Cosmetics SO RICH LIPSTICK - Hot Toddy$18.00 Buy
I Tried: Tipsy

The Verdict: "This lipstick ended up matching my foundation almost perfectly once I swiped it on, so I used a taupe lip liner, which made all the difference. The formula is creamy and moisturizing, but I did notice I had lipstick everywhere — cups, hands, and sleeve (after an unwelcome sneeze)." — Danielle Thornton, Executive Assistant
Jaclyn Cosmetics SO RICH LIPSTICK - Tipsy$18.00 Buy
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