12 Honeymoon Sex Toys For Couples To Really Get To Know Each Other

As traditional wisdom goes, honeymoon sex is unlike sex at any other time of your life. It's hot, and adventurous, and frequent. Hell, doctors have even named sex-related infections after the post-wedding trip. Maybe that puts undue pressure on a couple's sexual performance during their honeymoon (just fyi, you have your whole life to have really good sex, so don't worry too much), but it also makes many couples excited to try something new.

If you're in the latter group, you might consider bringing a new kind of sex toy on your trip. You're likely planning to have a lot of sex, anyway, so why not try something you and your partner have never done before? Depending on your relationship, that might mean handcuffs, butt plugs, a couple's vibrator, or massage candles.


Worried about traveling with toys? Don't be. If you feel too awkward to put them in your carry on, then pack your toys in your checked bag. People travel with sex toys all the time, so the TSA won't be bothered by a vibrator, strap-on harness, or bottle of lube. But, if you're really worried, consider bringing one of these low-key toys that the TSA might not even recognize as something sexual. The sex toy world is your oyster and you can bring anything you want on your honeymoon (as long as it fits in your suitcase).

Ahead, we've rounded up a few suggestions to inspire your honeymoon sex-ventures.

Unbound's Cuffies are great for handcuff beginners, because they're made from soft silicone instead of harsh metal. In addition to being more comfortable, these handcuffs simply stretch over your wrists. No key means no possibility for losing-the-key mishaps.
Unbound Cuffies$18.00 Buy
We're not recommending public sex (reminder: it's illegal to get it on in almost all public spaces), but we understand that sex tends to happen spontaneously on your honeymoon. So be prepared with Unbound's Oh To Go bag, which includes: lube, a condom, clitoral stimulation jelly, g-spot stimulation serum, a bullet vibrator, and a wipe to clean up afterward.
Unbound Oh! To Go Bag$34.00 Buy
Unbound's tickle ring is one part glam jewelry, one part sex toy, and perfect for bringing your sex toy out on the town. Wear this around as you and your new spouse hit the town, and tickle their sensitive spots every once in a while to remind them of what you have in store later on.
Unbound Golden Tickler Ring$16.00 Buy
All sex is made better by lube, so don't forget to bring a bit with you (via this handy-dandy necklace) wherever you might be getting busy during your honeymoon.
Unbound Silver Lube Vial Necklace$18.00 Buy
This whip necklace is another toy you can wear all day to tease your partner. It's sleek and subtle enough to double as jewelry when you're out for a fancy dinner. But when you get back to your hotel room, it turns into a hot toy for the BDSM-inclined.
Bijoux Indiscrets Silver Magnifique Whip Necklace$30.00 Buy
What better time than your honeymoon to try out a couple's sex toy? This cute little alien-esque vibrator sits between the lips of one partner's vulva, just above their clitoris. So that leaves the other partner's hands totally free for ~other~ activities, like penetrative sex with a penis, fingers, dildo, or strap-on.
Dame Products Eva II$135.00 Buy
LELO's Tor cock ring is another fun couple's toy to consider. The ring slips over one partner's penis or a dildo to add fun vibrations to your honeymoon sex adventures.
LELO TOR™ 2$139.00 Buy
It's your honeymoon. So chances are good that you and your new spouse are out and about during the day exploring the sites of whatever scenic paradise you've chosen to visit. That might sound like time lost for the sex portion of your honeymoon, but it doesn't have to be, thanks to these vibrating kegel balls. If at least one partner has a vagina, then you can use this toy to tease both yourself and your partner all day. Because the only thing hotter than wearing a sex toy while you shop for souvenir t-shirts is knowing that your partner is wearing one.
We-Vibe We-Vibe Bloom - Coral$149.99 $113.05 Buy
If you're looking to try out butt plugs during your post-wedding vacation, then B-Vibe's snug plugs are a great place to start. These plugs have a super-flared base, which is super important if you don't want the toy to end up in your colon. Plus, they come in several different sizes: tiny plugs for beginners up through large plus for the very-experienced.
B-Vibe snug plug 1$45.00 Buy
Whether both you and your partner have vaginas or you're a penis-vagina couple interested in pegging, Lovehoney's beginner strap-on is a good choice. It comes with a 5-inch silicone dildo, but you can easily swap that with any other dildo that has a flared base.
Lovehoney Lovehoney Beginner's Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit$36.99 Buy
If you want to do something new and fun during your honeymoon, but aren't really sure what you can do, consider buying a sex game to get your creative juices flowing. This one, Choose Your Pleasure, comes with 52 sexy scenario cards, so you simply choose a card and do what it says. But there are plenty of other sex games to choose from, if you want something a little more like an actual card game.
Lovehoney Choose Your Pleasure Sex Game$12.99 Buy
Sexual massage is one of those things that seems like the epitome of romance. And for a lot of people, it is. So grab a hot oil candle like this one from LELO and give it a try. Just make sure not to get your hotel bed too messy.
LELO Massage Oils & Candles$34.90 Buy
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