7 Hair-Removal Confessions That Are Too Relatable

Hair covers almost all of the human body, except for the palms of our hands, soles of our feet, lips, that sort of thing. In that sense, none of these "weird" places that we’ve removed hair from are weird at all. We are hairy beings; it’s a fact of life, and hair has served both sexes well in evolutionary terms. It's only recently that standards have shifted.

Now, women are expected to be hairless, except for their eyebrows, eyelashes, and head hair, and men are free to roam around with theirs, accepting compliments on density with total nonchalance. That said, I quite like the act of removing hair — I have a very nice relationship with my bikini waxer who also does my threading, I like shaving my underarms and watching the hair disappear, shaving my legs is a small yet satisfying task akin to drawing a little doodle, and plucking my bikini line between waxes is my kind of ASMR.

It's the rest of it that bothers me — the hair that appears in places not listed on the beautician's treatment list, the unexpected, special-request stuff that requires whole new levels of time, commitment and expertise for women who choose to remove it. Ahead, seven women share their tales of hair removal in so-called uncharted territory.

Photographed by Ana Cuba.

"I’m not talking about the standard nipple hairs that lots and lots of women get. I used to get them too when my breasts were developing, but then in a Benjamin Button-type twist of fate, they stopped. Now I just get one long joke hair that comes out of the bottom of my boob. A lone ranger." — Sarah
Photographed by Ana Cuba.

"A coarse white hair grows out of the same follicle just below my nose and to the side — too high up for the threader to get it when she does my upper lip. There’s no mole there or anything — I have no idea what it thinks its purpose is. I notice it about every three months or so in the bathroom mirror and I’m horrified when I spot it because it’s usually long by that point.

"That said, I have a sort of affection for this hair, it’s just a harmless little hair saying hiya. As soon as I see it, I put my finger over where the hair is to mark the spot until I find my tweezers (always, always lost), as otherwise I might not be able to find it again (this has happened many times). So I run around my bedroom with my finger on my face looking for my tweezers, feeling like a bat." — Emily
Photographed by Ana Cuba.

"I get the hair on the side of my face and the top of my cheeks threaded. I have quite thick hair there, and I’ve been threading it since I was about 20. I used to get it waxed, but it gave me spots every time. I have it done about every month. I actually tried to get it lasered — I went in for a consultation, but the woman said that since I’m Black, the laser can’t differentiate the hair from the skin so it wouldn’t work. Hopefully the laser technology will improve and I’ll be able to get it done." — Joy
Photographed by Ana Cuba.
Inner Thighs

"I’m naturally quite pale-skinned and have very dark hair. This would be a nice combo, if it weren't for the fact that my hair grows at the speed of light, everywhere and in multiple directions. Once a month, I dip myself in wax from belly button to toenail, but this really isn’t enough.

"I have a grace period of about five days post-wax where I feel free to wear skirts with no tights or go on a short vacation, but after that, the regrowth starts, as do the ingrown hairs. These ingrown hairs speckle my inner thighs, where my hair is as dark as my head hair. I hate the sight of them and always end up conducting home surgery, which inevitably makes them worse. I know my coloring makes me a good candidate for laser but it’s expensive and I’m lazy." — Lily
Photographed by Ana Cuba.

"I’m Indian and have long, dark, thick hair which I love (it’s the envy of all my friends), but with that blessing comes a little curse: my hairline. I used to have lots of wispy hairs on the back of my neck, which continued almost a third of the way down my back. I was never that bothered about it growing up as I usually wore my hair down anyway, but when I started wearing my hair up more, in hot countries on vacation and particularly with friends or with my (white) boyfriend, I felt embarrassed about the hairs on my neck.

"I decided to laser the area earlier this year — I did it with one of those at-home laser machines. Well, actually, I asked my mom to do my neck as I couldn’t reach, and I trusted her to make the hairline look natural. That meant shaving my neck before each lasering session (because you have to shave the area for the laser to work), which made me feel weird. But I was really pleased with the result, and feel confident having my hair up now. It’s changed the way I dress on vacation too." — Dipa
Photographed by Ana Cuba.

"I have hairy arms. My mom is Mauritian but she has less hair there than me. My dad used to tug at clumps of it when I was little as a joke. My auntie used to say it was a sign of sweetness, but I think she has that confused with freckles. Various boyfriends have commented that my arms are hairier than theirs over the years; in fact, I think I’ve been all-over hairier than every boy I’ve ever dated. So I wax my arms about every six weeks. I resent doing it, it always hurts, but I love my smooth arms afterwards; I feel like a goddess. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy for waxing my arms, and always comments that the hairless arms feel even weirder than the hairy ones but I prefer it." — Amy
Photographed by Ana Cuba.
Butt Cheeks

"I've been getting a Brazilian every four weeks like clockwork for the last few years and it's been more or less the same every time. Until last time. About two-thirds of the way through my appointment, I'm spreadeagled on the table when I hear everyone's favorite words: "Okay, so now if you could turn on your front and hold your cheeks apart." Which I do, obligingly. And as I lie there with my face in the pillow, utterly undignified but kind of enjoying the warmth of the wax in my crack, something happens. The warmth spreads. It seeps across my butt cheeks. The beautician's being a bit sloppy with the wax, I think. But then I realize: the seepage is no accident. There's deliberate spreading going on back there. She's waxing my butt cheeks. Oh my god she's waxing my butt cheeks. Why is she waxing my bum cheeks? Have I got a hairy butt? FUCK I'VE GOT A HAIRY BUTT. How did I not know this? Why did no one tell me? Exactly how bad is it? The questions keep coming, along with the rising panic...

"Of course I don't say any of this to the beautician. When she's finished, I get up, put my clothes on, and leave. Back at home, I try to inspect my bum in the mirror but it's basically impossible and I can't really see anything. Now it's nearly time for my next appointment. For the first time since the first time, I'm dreading it." — Katie
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