Everyone On Instagram Is Freaking Out About These Sandals

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We're not sure how exactly we went from summer camp kids to working professionals, but boy did it happen quickly. It doesn't feel like that long ago that we were kissing our parents goodbye for a couple weeks at sleep-away camp, where showers weren't high on the priority list and PB&J sandwiches were our lifeblood. But it turns out those days aren't completely behind us. Case in point: these sandals, which are taking us back to our earliest days.


Fur Deluxe has grown an almost 3K-follower strong Instagram page for its one-of-a-kind vintage and recycled fur pieces made in France, but lately (and more appropriately for summer), the brand has been gaining traction for its Teva-like sandals covered in bandana fabric. If these don't teleport you right back to middle school, we're not sure what will. Plus, they go hand-in-hand with the other pre-teen style favorites that have made a revival, like scrunchies and shell necklaces and anklets.

The only problem, though, is that we, along with the rest of Fur Deluxe's followers, can't seem to figure out how to buy them (they're not currently available on the "shop" section of its site); commenters, including fashion bloggers like Camille Charriere, are desperately wanting to know when and where they can purchase a pair — and for how much. In the meantime, perhaps we'll have to take matters into our own hands and D.I.Y. this idea for ourselves. Because if camp taught us anything, it's to get crafty — even as adults.

Click on to see the must-have shoes of (the end of) summer, and hopefully keep up-to-date on when these nostalgic sandals can be yours for the taking.

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