Drop Your Holiday Funds At These Women-Owned Businesses

We regret to inform you that you are merely a cog in the capitalist holiday machine, carting synthetically packaged propaganda (gifts) from commercial businesses to consumers under the guise of "holiday spirit." So, for humanity's sake, perhaps you should try gifting a bit more strategically.

How, you ask? This year, go out of your way to hand select gifts that all your pseudo-Marxist friends will actually enjoy, from a historically underfunded sector of the commercial empire: woman-owned small businesses. Be it sustainable, ethically made beauty products; direct-to-consumer jewelry; or fair-trade, block-printed home goods, these are your prime venues for quality, responsible spending.

And lucky for you, we've made things easy. Scroll ahead for a look at our absolute favorite gifts from a handful of woman-owned, PayPal-backed small businesses we love, all of which might just assuage some of your capitalist guilt.

In addition to poppy red, this delicate, cotton robe comes in a color Block Shop calls "bachelor's button blue," which is enough reason to gift it, alone. Also, it has pockets.
Block Shop Dorothy Dot Robe$140.00 Buy
This plush mouse doll comes from Hazel Village, a woman-owned toy store slinging organic and sustainably made goods in Brooklyn.

Hazel Village Gracie Cat$68.00 Buy
Made with 316 stainless steel, you can rest assured this ring won't turn your finger a witchy hue of green. Plus, as an added bonus, the steel is recycled, so for all you know, your minimalist ring may contain pieces of major bridges or iconic skyscrapers.

Vitaly Gridlok$55.00 Buy
Dotted with kitschy, illustrated eyes, cats, snakes, rabbits, scissors, and so much more, there's something for everyone on this dress. And hand-printed on local, California materials, it does something good for Mother Earth, as well.

Nooworks Big Pocket Magic$124.00 Buy
There is simply not one person who wouldn't benefit from a salt scrub. All of the scrubs and other beauty products in this set are handcrafted by female artisan groups stationed in different regions of the world.

The Little Market Spa Gift Set - Classic$76.00 Buy
Hailing from Nooworks, a Cali-based, woman-owned company that works with local illustrators to make textiles, this T-shirt dress is quite literally a work of art.

Nooworks Molly Flash$124.00 Buy
Block Shop's founders, sisters Lily and Hopie Stockford, commission all of their goods from traditional block printing artisans in Jaipur, India. And this geometric, modernist print is a prime example of all that quality workmanship.
Block Shop Mr. People Person Woodblock Print$600.00 Buy
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