How DOVE® Chocolate Is Actually Made

DOVE® is synonymous with the colorfully wrapped PROMISES® we grab off the shelves in supermarkets. But the process to transform Ecuadorian cocoa beans into silky smooth chocolate is actually stunningly intricate—a tradition honed by generations of farmers over thousands of years. Enter Hollywood star and conservation advocate Minka Kelly, who's taking us to Paulo Santo Cocoa Farm to see the incredible journey from bean-to-bar. Once the cocoa pods are harvested, the beans are fermented and heated, slowly darkening into that rich, chocolate-y color we associate with DOVE®. Next, the beans are then hand-cut and manually spread to dry. Finally, they're ready to be shipped off for roasting, where the beans will further darken and, most importantly, develop the sweet flavor of silky smooth DOVE® Chocolate.

Watch the video above to see the full process. Spoiler: chocolate cravings will definitely follow.

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