These Deer Makeup Looks Make A Last-Minute Costume Easy

There's a reason why searching the tag #DeerMakeup on Instagram will populate over 35,000 images: The trendy Halloween costume is as easy as it is cute. In fact, as complex as many deer beauty looks may seem, at its core, it only really requires the products already in your makeup bag — like bronzer, blush, foundation, and black eyeliner — plus some white face paint. Even so, there are plenty of ways to put a creative spin on this go-to costume.

Click ahead for our favorite takes on the easy costume.

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The best part about the Halloween-approved trend is that it's bold enough to rock to a themed costume party, but low-key enough to wear to work or school.
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Decorate your top-knot buns with white tinsel and dress in an ethereal pink outfit to make your deer costume look princess-like.
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Now's the time to really lean into the drama. Lay the groundwork for this look by heavily contouring your hairline and the hollows of your cheeks, then apply a lighter shade in the center of your face.
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If festival beauty is your vibe year-round, use it as inspo for your Halloween look by accentuating your deer face with flower-crown antlers.
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You can also remix the classic deer look by pairing your spotted makeup with a colorful wig.
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