The Model’s Guide To Summer Loungewear Hair For Every Type & Texture

Nothing disrupts a lazy day spent in the sunshine — a long walk around your neighborhood, or digging into a new memoir from a beach chair situated on your terrace — like a gust of wind picking up your hair and blowing it everywhere. Even with sand less of a factor this summer with many beaches still off limits, you still want your staycation hairstyle to be equal parts practical (as in, out of your face) and fun.

Whether you're looking for an excuse to get creative with hair accessories, a protective style, braid, or a polished bun, you'll find 15 summer-perfect looks to inspire you, ahead. Pick your favorite, grab a pin-striped towel and a good book, and wherever you are, don't forget the sunscreen this weekend.

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Top Bun

When your hair is extra long, finding a cute, chic way to wrap it up can be tough. But a top bun — like this one modeled by accessories designer Kendall Reynolds — is a great go-to style for when you want to wear it away from your face (or are just having a particularly lazy day).
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French Braids

Securing your hair into plaited pigtails — whether you opt for French or Dutch braids — is an easy way to keep your hair from flying around. Plus, these double braids, designed by celebrity stylist Brittany Sullivan, prove to be low-key romantic, too.
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London-based jewelry brand Missoma — reportedly a favorite of Meghan Markle — just launched the cutest hair accessories for summer. We're partial to this double circle gold-plated clip, the chicest tiny accent to any style.
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When in doubt, add skinny hoops and stick a big, tropical-looking flower behind one ear, as seen on off-duty model Samile Bermannelli.
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Low Bun

If you have thick hair, like global influencer Belen Hostalet, a single-loop bun secured at the nape of your neck will keep your baby hairs out of your piña colada, and look super chic in profile.
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Embrace the coastal breeze with a half-up topknot, like model Imaan Hammam.
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Box Braids

Victoria's Secret model Chey Maya makes the case for protective box braids.
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There are so many ways to fashion a silk scarf, but this bandana look on stylist Monikh Dale — complete with retro wide-framed aviators — has to be the chicest.
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If your hair has fluffy volume and a natural curl, à la Martha Hunt, lean all the way into it.
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Hair Bow

The Santorini vacation might not be in the cards this summer. But a new red hair bow, inspired by supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio? That's a within-reach splurge.
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Joan Smalls nails the two poolside mainstays: a high ponytail and a scrunchie.
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Faux Locs

Ciara's faux locs are the perfect complement to her beach-mom aesthetic of fresh skin and big smile.
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Wet Style

Don't forgo a refreshing mid-afternoon dip on account of your hair. Laura Harrier confirms wet, salty strands are hot, hot, hot.
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IMG model Lameka Fox proves thick headbands are one part sporty, two parts resourceful: They'll keep any flyways out of your face during volleyball.
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Sun Hat

No matter where you're spreading your terrycloth towel, protecting your face from sun with a trusty wide-brim hat, like fashion influencer Lucy Williams, is always a good call.
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