This Lady Gaga-Approved Tattoo Is Timeless — & Trending For Summer

To most people, an anchor is just a piece of metal that's used to dock a boat. To others, it represents something so much more, like faith, hope, and stability — which is probably why it's become such a popular tattoo.

Historically, the symbol has been a favorite for sailors, including U.S. Navy officers, who'd get anchors inked on their bodies after getting their sea legs. When you're out on open water, the only thing that grounds you is a literal anchor, but you don't have to know how to steer a ship to want that sense of stability in your own life. In fact, you might even have a place or person who makes you feel grounded — so why not honor them with a sentimental anchor tattoo, too?


To make the tattoo research process a little less daunting, we did all the heavy lifting for you. Ahead, we tracked down the best anchor tattoos Instagram has to offer right now — including Lady Gaga's side-boob tattoo.

Lady Gaga has 24 tattoos and counting, but the anchor on her left rib cage was one of the first designs to join the collection in 2012. Now we understand why it's such a fan favorite.
The minute you find out a celebrity is on board with a tattoo design, you can expect that everyone else will be, too. Just look at Florence Welch's delicate anchor elbow tattoo — how can you resist?
Live far away from your family? This anchor tattoo shows everyone that, no matter how far you go, your roots are always anchored wherever you call home.
Instead of a place, your anchor tattoo can represent a special someone. It certainly makes sense for the couple that's looking for a tattoo that won't make their best friends cringe.
For the person who keeps you grounded at all times, there's this romantic anchor tattoo.
Tattoos are forever, but some relationships definitely aren't. Just in case you're wary of getting inked with a partner, consider getting a matching tattoo with your sister.
Or maybe your anchor tattoo doesn't mean much at all... except that it makes a really cute addition to a colorful beach tattoo.
Remember when we said that ankle tattoos would be huge this summer? Here's more proof.
Then again, nothing will garner more attention than a dainty finger tattoo.
Just like anchors, sunflower tattoos are loaded with historical meaning. Why not combine both trends in one design?
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