Visual Artist Amber Ibarreche Thanks Her Younger Self For Growing With Every Experience

is a series featuring LGBTQ thought leaders reading personal letters to their younger selves.

Almost all of visual artist Amber Ibarreche's work features text in one way or another, giving it a clear, resonant voice. Recurring themes include freedom, identity, and anti-nostalgia, creating visceral reactions in her fans. And the works' sentiments, like “Sleep with your future and fuck your past” and “I only fuck with Goddesses,” speak so strongly to people that they want to proudly wear them on their sleeves. Or more realistically, their torsos, as much of Ibarreche's most popular work appears on t-shirts that she sells via her website.

Watch as Ibarreche thanks her younger self for turning all experiences — good and bad — into positive opportunities for personal growth.

Our partners at IHI Therapy Center are dedicated to fostering personal growth free of traditional gender, sexual orientation, and cultural biases. For support, visit IHI Therapy Center.

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