We Learned How To Fly Like An Aerialist

Be A Badass breaks down hardcore sport stigmas that have previously excluded women by encouraging females to embrace their power and kick some ass.

Aerial arts may look effortless, but it actually requires a lot of strength and endurance to appear to be flying.

Our host, Allison Hagendorf, met up with veteran Cirque du Soleil performer and Cirque School L.A. owner Aloysia Gavre to learn the basics of aerial technique. Hagendorf quickly learned that the movements are as much about mental strength as they are about physical endurance. Performers need to be able to hold their own while suspended — but believing you can do it is always the first step.

It is, of course, hard to overlook the dangers involved in the sport. In 2013, Cirque du Soleil had to reassess its safety measures after a fatal accident occurred during a performance of the show . Despite the potential danger, professional aerial artists know what they're getting themselves into and utilize caution (and a little bit of fear) to keep themselves safe while suspended.

Watch as these two climb their way to atmospheric success. Get ready to run away and join the circus.

This video was created in partnership with smartwater.

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