Hanna Adds Some New Characters To The Mix In Season 2

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

A reset is afoot when the Amazon Prime's Hanna returns for season 2. Having wrapped up the story that closely followed the movie that it’s based on (also called Hanna) now we’re heading into uncharted waters with a brand new storyline and to go with its handful of new Hanna characters. Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles) is still very much the focal point, and from the looks of the trailer for season 2, Marissa (Mireille Enos) is still very much a figure in her life. But everyone else that Hanna once knew? They appear to be gone. 


Season 1 of the series sadly ended with the death of Hanna’s father figure, Erik (Joel Kinnaman, who does not appear to be back in any capacity for season 2). Before his death. Hanna and Erik manage to get inside the ultra-secret UTrax Regenesis facility, which houses the program Hanna had been taken from as a baby (by none other than Erik). After asking the teenagers currently in the program to leave with her (none of them do) and following a standoff with Marissa wherein she lets them get away, Erik succumbs to his wounds and dies. 

Season 2 has no choice but to add new faces to the mix.

Hanna, Clara, & A New Trainee

Hanna isn’t entirely alone; one girl from Utrax, Girl 249 — whose real name is Clara (Yasmin Monet Prince) — decides to leave with her. The season ends with the two of them heading across a field, but when the season picks up, it appears that things have drastically changed since then. 


The trailer for Hanna season 2 teases that someone else is now in charge of UTrax, or whatever the scary program is called now, and all its trainees. Last we saw them, they were being transported to a new facility (after Hanna and Erik destroyed the last one) but so much of the UTrax program is stills shrouded in secrecy, which brings us to...

There's A New Villain: John Carmichael

The new major foe for Hanna is also the biggest name to join the cast. Dermot Mulroney plays John Carmichael who’s now taken charge of the latest incarnation of the UTrax program. Right off the bat, he sure doesn’t look like he’s going to become an ally of Hanna anytime soon considering the trailers show him watching her on a scary closed-circuit camera.  The character is certainly a departure from others we’ve seen him play since you might know him as Jess Day’s “Fancy Man” from New Girl, or even as the romantic lead from My Best Friend’s Wedding

There Are New Agents, Too: Leo & Cherrelle

Carmichael is joined by a new crew of agents at UTrax, including Anthony Welsh who plays Leo Garner, who’s in charge of teaching the new trainees. He recently starred in Netflix’s Ibiza, and if it’s released this year (because we deserve it), he’ll appear in The Personal History of David Copperfield


Rounding out the new team behind the UTrax program is Terri Miller, played by Cherrelle Skeete. From the looks of the trailer, Terri appears to be some sort of counselor or therapist for the trainees, and Hanna is already not having it. You might recognize Skeete from her time on the stage playing Rose Granger-Weasley and Young Hermione in the original production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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