Tiffany Says She’s “Stronger Than Before” After Say I Do

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Warning: Spoilers for Say I Do episode 1 ahead.


The first episode of Netflix’s new wedding show, Say I Do, perfectly encapsulates what the series is about: couples celebrating their love stories and finding happy endings, usually after a slew of obstacles made it difficult for them to get married sooner. When viewers meet Marcus and Tiffany LaCour, we quickly learn they had a disastrous first wedding — we’re talking family drama, drunk groomsmen, and even a literal fire at the reception. Marcus doesn’t only want to plan a wedding to give Tiffany a do-over, though. In an emotional exchange with the show’s three hosts, he reveals that his wife recently lost both her father and her sister in an eight-week time frame.

“Watching her have to get up and to go through it, and to just be a pillar...that’s hard,” Marcus says on the series. “Being able to deliver here and being able to give her what she’s wanted, it’s fantastic.” As the episode progresses, Tiffany opens up to the Say I Do team about her grief, makes the decision to begin healing, and — finally — enjoys the wedding of her dreams.

Today, Tiffany and Marcus are still going strong. “The pandemic doesn’t help, especially when you’re going through grief, and you know I’m dealing with the anniversaries of their death right now,” Tiffany tells Refinery29. “But we’re doing okay. We’re definitely stronger than before, I can tell you. I’m stronger, our marriage is stronger, and even despite the pandemic, we’ve found joy in everything.”

On Say I Do, host Jeremiah Brent presents Tiffany with a meaningful wedding present: a bench in commemoration of her lost family members, placed in a park she used to frequent with her sister, Teona. Brent tells Tiffany that he hopes she’ll return to the bench alone and with her daughter, reconnect with her loved ones, and then feel able to leave when she’s ready. 


Tiffany says the bench has become a special place, especially as the weather has gotten nicer. “It’s a time for me to connect with my father, my sister. Even by myself sometimes, I just sit there and talk,” she explains, adding that it helps to know “there’s this place for them, designed for them, that’s my place for them — my place to heal and my place to just talk to them.”

Since the wedding, Tiffany has been able to focus on her healing. She tells Refinery29 that she sought out therapy and joined a grief support group, and that “connecting with those people and leaning on my husband, because he has never left my side, and just allowing [myself] to go through the feelings” has been imperative.

She also credits Brent and the show’s other two hosts, Thai Nguyen and Gabriele Bertaccini, for helping her learn to cope with her pain and begin to move on. “I talk a lot during the process about how Noelle didn’t deserve it and how much Marcus didn’t deserve it, but they reminded me that I deserve [to move on] as well,” Tiffany says. “I still have to tell myself that every day when I get up.”

And as for their scene-stealing daughter, Noelle? She’s doing well, too, and recently celebrated her third birthday. Tiffany shared an abundance of photos from her mermaid-themed, socially distant surprise party on Instagram.

Right now, Tiffany is just excited for the world to see the love she shares with Marcus. “We watched [the episode] at 3:30 this morning. I was overwhelmed with the love that my husband showed me, even when I wasn’t there in the front of the camera,” she says. “But also, I was overwhelmed with gratefulness that three men could come into our lives and really begin the work to heal me.”


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