Meet The New Baby-Sitters Club

Missing your lunchbox days and looking for a television show that’ll make you reminisce about being a middle schooler navigating the world? Netflix’s reboot of The Baby-Sitters Club, originally based on the 1980s and ‘90s novels, is just what you need to feel that wave of nostalgia. The series is set in modern day, but be prepared to be transported back to the ‘90s as soon as that classic, clear landline phone appears.  

The 2020 version of The Baby-Sitters Club (with GLOW producer Rachel Shukert as the showrunner) has been slightly updated, but it still has the same characters created by Ann M. Martin that fans of the books fell in love with. Readers were first introduced to Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, and eventually Dawn in the quaint, fictional town of Stony Brook, Connecticut in 1986. Martin (as well as a few ghostwriters) wrote a total of 213 novels before publishing stopped in 2000. The books lead to a one-season show which ran on HBO and a 1995 film. There were also a few spin-offs and graphic novels in between, but now the relatable middle schoolers are finally back on screen.


In the reboot, the five main girls are still wide-eyed 7th graders who start their own babysitting service, but Netflix’s version will tackle bigger issues like racism and divorce. Also, the group is more diverse. Martin, who is a producer on the show, said in a statement that she was “very excited about the forthcoming series on Netflix, which I hope will inspire a new generation of readers and leaders everywhere.”

New fans and old will appreciate that all the pre-teens and teens in the show are actually close in age to their characters. Yes, teens playing actual teens!

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Sophie Grace Plays Kristy Thomas

What Is 2020 Kristy Like?
Grace’s Kristy is pretty similar to the original character from the novels. She is the president and founder of The Baby-Sitters Club.  As the trailer shows, Kristy struggles to accept her mom’s (Alicia Silverstone) upcoming marriage to Watson. Kristy “would rather have head lice” than see him as her step father. 
Where You've Seen Sophie Grace
The Baby-Sitters Club is Grace’s first leading television role. Previously, her biggest part was playing a character in the spooky film Terror in the Woods.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Malia Baker Plays Mary Anne Spier

What Is 2020 Mary Anne Like?
In the novels, Mary Anne is described as having long brown hair that is typically worn in braids. In this reboot, Mary Anne still has her hair in braids but this version of the character is Black. She is studious and a little awkward by self admission. She says, “Talking to people I don’t know makes my stomach fall out of my nose,” in the trailer which makes her my favorite member of the club. 

Where You've Seen Malia Baker 
Like her fellow cast members, Baker has appeared in a few projects prior to landing a leading role in The Baby-Sitters Club. She played characters in episodes of The Twilight Zone, The Flash, and A Million Little Things. She also had a role in a TV movie called Hope at Christmas

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Momona Tamada Plays Claudia Kishi

What Is 2020 Claudia Like?
Claudia is an artist and a young fashionista who I would definitely go to for style tips. She is the one who purchased the landline phone for the club on Etsy because middle schoolers are very advanced nowadays. In the novels, Claudia is Japanese American and Tamada is also of Japanese descent. 
Where You've Seen Momona Tamada
Tamada already popped up on Netflix earlier this year. She played young Laura Jean in the To All the Boys sequel. Her other acting credits include appearances in episodes of The Boys, The Terror, and Gabby Duran & The Unsittables

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Shay Rudolph Plays Stacey McGill

What Is 2020 Stacey Like?
Rudolph’s character Stacey isn’t in too many scenes shown in the trailer, but I can already tell she is going to be the funniest member of the club. When she isn’t contemplating pretending to drown to get her crush’s attention, she is helping manage the club’s finances. She is really good with numbers just like the original Stacey in the books. 
Where You've Seen Shay Rudolph
Rudolph already has some TV experience. She had a multiple-episode arc on the Fox series Lethal Weapon. She was also in the films Less Than Zero and The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Xochitl Gomez Plays Dawn Schafer

What Is 2020 Dawn Like?
In the reboot, Dawn is Latina. She is new in town from Los Angeles and eager to make new friends. She says in the trailer that she “doesn’t back down from a challenge” and that must be true because she has to tackle babysitting a screaming child. 
Where You've See Xochitl Gomez
Compared to the newcomers on the cast, Gomez has a lot of acting experience. She has recently had roles on TV shows Gentefied, You’re the Worst, and Raven’s Home.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Alicia Silverstone Plays Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer

What Is Kristy's Mom Like?
Silverstone’s character Elizabeth is Kristy’s mom. She is a single-mom of four (three boys and one girl) who is recently engaged. Her pending nuptials cause a rift in her relationship with Kristy. 
Essential Alicia Silverstone Viewing
Silverstone is mostly known for her unforgettable role as Cher in Clueless. Her latest starring television role was on the short-lived comedy series American Woman. Silverstone also had parts in the horror film The Lodge and dramedy Book Club.
Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images.

Mark Feuerstein Plays Watson Brewer

What Is Kristy's Step-Dad Like?
Another adult who appears in this teen-centered show is Feuerstein’s character Watson. He is Elizabeth’s (Silverstone) new fiancé who is a bit of a goofball. He hopes Kristy will eventually warm up to him.
Essential Mark Feuerstein Viewing
Feuerstein is mainly known for playing Hank Lawson on USA’s Royal Pains for eight seasons. Since the show ended, he has had roles on 9JKL, Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Better Things, and Power.

Rian McCririck Plays Logan Bruno

What Is 2020 Logan Like?
McCririck’s character Logan is only shown for a few seconds in the trailer (around 1:27), but it is already apparent that sparks are flying between him and Mary Anne. They also seem to be involved in a school play together. In the books, Logan and Mary Anne are a couple.

Where You've Seen Rian McCririck
McCririck has acted in one other project aside from The Baby-Sitters Club. He appeared in the 2019 adventure comedy Good Boys.
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