Noelle On Disney+ Includes A Few Perfect Songs For Your 2019 Christmas Playlist

“I’m only listening to Christmas music” season is here, and thankfully, the Noelle soundtrack is streaming and will give you lots of new tunes for your holiday playlists. Besides the score from Cody Fitzgerald and Clyde Lawrence, the soundtrack is filled with new covers of old Yuletide hits. The new Disney+ movie stars Anna Kendrick as Santa’s jolly daughter.

While Kendrick has contributed to the soundtracks for Pitch Perfect, Into the Woods, Trolls, The Last Five Years, and even  Up In The Air… she doesn’t sing in this one! (Neither does her co-star Shirley Maclaine, for that matter.) Unfortunately, the songs in which the hilarious choir elves in Noelle put their own spin on popular carols, didn’t make the soundtrack either. 


Most of the songs in the official soundtrack come from the associated acts of the film's two composers. Lawrence is in a band called, well, Lawrence with his sister Gracie Lawrence. For a film about Santa’s two kids, it’s appropriate that a sibling duo is behind the music, isn’t it? The two of them pop up in the afore-mentioned elf choir too, in cameo appearances. The non-Lawrence songs in the soundtrack are provided by Stolen Jars a.k.a. Fitzgerald and some other featured artists. 

Click on to hear all the Christmasy goodness for yourself.

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Lawrence, “This Christmas” 

This song plays during Noelle’s morning routine at the beginning of the film. As the North Pole’s princess in a patriarchal system, Noelle doesn’t have all that much to do except spread cheer and make cards, no matter how qualified she is to take over. But, as the song’s title suggests, this Christmas is different. “The Christmas” was originally recorded and released by Donny Hathaway, and it returns to kick off the end credits sequence.
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Lawrence, “Eventually”

Also performed by Lawrence, this is the main theme of the film. You’ll hear the Christmas ballad towards the end of the film while Noelle is feeling down on herself, and also as the end credits roll. Queue it up when the Seasonal Affective Disorder hits you hard. It’s seriously so sad:

“Now we’ll skate along/ I’ll pretend that nothing’s wrong/ Really I’ll be waiting on/ Eventually”

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DAP The Contract and Stolen Jars, “Be Nice”

This is a fun new song from the hip hop group and Fitzgerald. It plays at the end of the film, as Noelle returns to the North Pole and discovers that they have decided to accept her as a female Santa after all. The new sound fits the new Santa perfectly. 
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Lawrence feat. Stolen Jars, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

Stolen Jars is also featured on this old favorite, which was made popular by Frank Sinatra but first appeared in the MGM musical Meet Me In St. Louis sung by Judy Garland. It’s one of the most popular Christmas songs out there, despite the sometimes melancholy tone. 
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Lawrence, “Merry Christmas Baby”

You’ll hear this Lawrence covers while Noelle is walking her baby reindeer around Phoenix. You probably know the Otis Redding cover best, but it was originally written and recorded by Johnny Moore. The jazzy tune has also been recorded by pretty much everyone that’s cool: Colbie Caillet, Fantasia, Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, Etta James, Christina Aguilera, Hanson, and newly minted Sexiest Man Alive John Legend to name a few. 
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Toby Lightman, “At Christmas” 

This one's not on the official soundtrack, but it's listed in the credits. Two Rehya Stevens tracks, “Jingle Jangle” and “‘Tis The Season,” are listed in the credits, as well as some classics like “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” and “Winter Wonderland." 
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Stevie Wonder, “A Place In The Sun”

If you’re wondering what Jake and Noelle listen to while they’re driving to Nick’s yoga class for the first time — it’s this! “A Place In The Sun,” doesn’t really have anything to do with Christmas, but is an underrated song nonetheless. And hey, if this movie becomes a new Christmas classic, this could just be the next "Pennies in Heaven," a la Elf.
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Lawrence feat. Stolen Jars, “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town”

The last track to feature Stolen Jars is a cover of this 1934 tune. Technically, between Noelle and her brother Nick, various “Santas” are coming to various towns all throughout the film. But this song plays towards the end of Noelle, as Kendrick’s character completes her Christmas Eve mission and manages to throw in some good deed to the friends who helped her along the way. 
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