How To Be A VSCO Girl For Halloween Without Spending All Your Money

Like most things popularized on TikTok, VSCO girls seemed to pop up overnight. Or, at least the term for them did. They may have existed for much longer — recognized by their breezy, "California casual" style that is actually super expensive to replicate. They were eventually deemed VSCO girls because many of them use the photo-editing app VSCO, which is known for its beachy-vibe photo filters. But you don't have to be on VSCO to be a VSCO girl, and you can even be a temporary one with a VSCO girl Halloween costume

Fox Business reported that it can cost upwards of $200 to stay on trend with the VSCO girls who rep a lot of pricey name brand products while also looking chill and casual and like they're not even trying. If you're just interested in dipping into the world for Halloween, there are ways to do it on a budget. Not all of us have that YouTube or Instagram #sponcon money, you know?


Tread carefully, though, because once you know exactly what goes into making a VSCO girl a VSCO girl, you'll start seeing them everywhere. And you may find out that you're part VSCO girl as well. I show at least five of the, like, 12 most common VSCO girl traits. It's okay, it happens to the best of us, and it'll make putting this costume together that much easier.

The Skincare, Hair, & Makeup

The overall VSCO girl vibe is a naturally glowy, beachy look. "No-makeup" makeup brands like Glossier are popular, as is Mario Badescu Skin Care. Many VSCO girls use the Mario Badescu facial sprays to achieve a dewy glow. For hair, beachy waves, messy buns, piecey braids or any other hairstyle that takes a lot of time but looks effortless is key.

Replicate The Look: While some VSCO girls prefer Glossier lip balms, it's actually equally trendy (and much cheaper) to use Carmex lip balm. Pair that with a facial spray like this Mario Badescu Aloe Herbs and Rosewater spray, and reapply all night to keep your glow lasting. 

For your hair, if you're going with waves, try a salt hair spray to get a "just walked on the beach" look. You can also tie your hair up in a messy bun or half-up ponytail or braid with a scrunchie. Even if you're not wearing a scrunchie in your hair, you should stack several on your wrist. A VSCO girl doesn't go anywhere without a scrunchie. You can buy a pack of 40 velvet scrunchies on Amazon for, like, eight dollars.

The Shirt

Many VSCO girls can be seen wearing oversized T-shirts with trendy brand name logos on them or messages about peace, love, and saving the planet. (Gen Z has made it trendy to care about the environment, and that's honestly one of the best things about VSCO girls, okay?) Oversized sweatshirts also work if you live somewhere that gets chilly on Halloween.

Replicate The Look: For an oversized sweatshirt, try one of these tie-dye patterns. Or try this tie-dye crop top that says "happy" on it. This Yellowstone T-shirt has a perfect VSCO retro vibe. And this "save the bees" shirt has VSCO girl written all over it. (Not literally, but basically.)

The Pants

Summer VSCO girls paired their oversized T-shirts with shorts that you couldn't really even see under the long shirts. Remember, you just want to look effortless and like a California skater girl who could also go surfing at any moment too but probably does none of that stuff for real.

Replicate The Look: Pick up a pair of distressed denim shorts or black elastic-waist running shorts. Or go with ripped jeans if you prefer to be a little warmer on October 31. 

The Shoes

The "v" in VSCO girl may as well stand for Vans, because these shoes are so popular amongst them. But sandals like Crocs and Birkenstocks are also popular footwear for VSCO girls. None of these run particularly cheap, but Amazon offers some lookalikes for less money. 

Replicate The Look: Pick up a pair of Crocs in your desired color. Bonus points if you decorate them with rubber shoe charms in the shape of daisies and ladybugs. And since real Birkenstocks can cost close to $100, you can get similar sandals in rubber for a much less on Amazon if you only plan on wearing them for Halloween. Real Vans shoes can be pricey as well, but Amazon sells slip-on sneaker shoes for less if you're looking for a Vans-esque vibe.

The Jewelry

Nothing goes with a beachy casual vibe better than a shell necklace, some beaded friendship bracelets, or a handful of minimalistic rings. One brand frequented by VSCO girls is PuraVida, a Costa Rica-based bracelet and ring shop. 

Replicate The Look: Shell choker? Check. Stackable silver rings? Check. Don't have an eight-year-old niece to make you some string or beaded friendship bracelets? Pick a pack up online. The more you stack on your wrist, the better.

The Accessories

The eco-friendly VSCO girl attitude has translated into many of them carrying around reusable water bottles. Many opt for the fairly expensive Hydro Flask and then deck it out with all kinds of stickers with beachy, positive vibes. You'll also want to carry around an old camera to show off your fun, vintage side. And, you can keep all your accessories in a Fjallraven backpack, a VSCO girl fave.

Replicate The Look: Amazon sells real Fjallraven backpacks, but they can run up to $120. A printed Fjallraven logo stuck to a regular backpack works for the costume, or you can go with one of these dupes. You can get a brand name Hydro Flask or any other reusable stainless steel water bottle on Amazon, where you can also purchase packs of VSCO-esque water bottle stickers to show off your personality. (But only slightly, since most people have similar stickers and vibes for their bottles.) 

If you plan on getting an iced Starbucks drink to complete your look (a fave beverage choice for VSCO girls), be sure to use a metal straw to save the sea turtles. This pack of metal straws comes in rainbow colors, which will really light up your VSCO pics. But if you don't feel like being on the app all Halloween night long, you can grab a Fujifilm instant camera — one of the Polaroid-esque cameras on the market. The instantly printed pics will have that OG VSCO filter vibe that all the VSCO girls are trying to capture on the app.

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